Randomness 2342

In blog on October 30, 2008 at 7:22 pm

School was fun today, all the lectures are pretty entertaining with seng, kaming, jing and lynette. 3 hour break was HRM project with angela, sheena,sam, nana and rainbow. Omg angela is bloody funny with her fierce voice, the rest keep saying apple sucks apple sucks and seriously one more word from you, sam, your sleek series is going to be flattened or maybe even vandalized like there’s no tomorrow! LOL!

PSCM Lecture was boring, melissa lim/lime/lame was sort of bullied, lynette and bekka kept shouting stuff like “Cher!!! Cannot see lah white words and white background how?!?!”. I think she was kinda pissed off. I camped at the back and did some youtubing, lynette want to watch that exegaggerated hsm3 music video, which I have yet to blog about. Then angela spammed message everyone are you all bored up there, OMG. Angelala is VERY VERY BORED.

BLAW lecture was a killer with the bloody kaming there. Seng kept singing random chinese songs, like wtf. Tomorrow’s kbox better be 80% english!!! Lynette is with me with this right?! All spice girls songs must be sang!

Gonna update on the previous activities soon! Cya!

p.s. thanks nana fo the comment spam, provided the much needed activity!!! 58 more to go!!

  1. At last I found something to comment about…

    “Apple Sucks”…

  2. opps… commented on the wrong post… go find urself… do some SOUL searching

  3. yeah! apple sucks! haha. cant even print screen can!!! ok, even if it can, u donno! so it sucks. period. and u’ll never get a chance to touch my sleeks! haha((: boooooo>.<


  5. apple thuckth.
    (if you didn’t understand that, i cant pronounce the goddamn Ss.)

  6. @marcus err,maybe it DOES suck, maybe it doesn’t, I dont know!!! Not for me to decide, seriously!

    @seng, WALAO, how to comment wrong post sia?!?!??! Smart!! LOL!

    @saamantha, cannot print screen also no big deal right?!?! i also dont care seriously!! That time at your house I saw your sleek series, but I dont feel good doing nasty behind your back, so watch out in school on monday, I’ll peel the skin off in front of you!!

    @lynette, HI LYNETTTE!!! YES SPICE GIRLS ROCKS!!! Omg kbox singing spicegirl was fun LOL!!! the hong kong guys in the toilet…. ahh!!

    @sheena, LOL SHEENA! You sound like duffy duck now I THINK. Pray that we dont have presentation soon!!! OOPS, we have presentation on monday!!

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