In blog on October 29, 2008 at 11:49 pm

Last week was a super extreme week, bowling madness, badminton madness, supper madness and kbox madness. For details visit sam’s and fel’s blog!!! Gahaha, take this sam!

Apparently, there wasn’t any pictures due to the nature of the activities, tell me you take photos while playing badminton!!!

Then on Sunday, it was sort of a super nice extended family day and Monday was one of the best family days ever. Tuesday was the “HSM madness day” with angela and junyu and jerry, super fun as well and lastly, today was Guy’s Day out with Jerry and Seng. Omfg, am I going to squeeze every single thing into one post or what?! Well, Hell no, gonna blog one by one.


  1. must blog how good i am in badminton! HAHAHAHAHA

    60 more to go!

  2. here’s ur comment… so shut up… and i dint sing random chinese songs… i sang my 主打歌 ok…..

  3. i wan BOWLING PHOTOS!=x

  4. @nana, at first I thought you were good!!! BUT BUT…. oh well, no chance to play with you lah!

    @seng, STFU please! wrong post!! its bloody random, and I dont care simi sai song is that, its chinese!!!

    @shiqi, don’t have leh!!!!!! have to take from sam liao!!!

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