give me

In blog on October 23, 2008 at 11:38 pm

My to-get list for the next few months

  • give me a freaking time machine (please, I’ll give my life to that one inventor)
  • a bloody macbook pro (omg i think it’s coming true)
  • give me a bloody speaker for my ipod ( omg hint hint christmas is coming soon)
  • give me a new pair of badminton shoes ( hmm, a worthy investment indeed)
  • give me a new badminton racket ( investment investment investment)
  • give me a nike shirt, a nike wristband, a nike water bottle ( posssssible, under a hundred)
  • give me more covers for my ipod ( seriously, a waste of money)
  • give me a nintendo wii (hint hint joey hint)
  • give me more songs to listen ( ok, I am now open to chinese songs, INTRO PLEASE)
  • give me the the c class i’ve always wanted( definitely not in a few months)
  • just give me money ( cheque payable to : Gyver Chang, come on, do it!)


  1. I can say that almost 5 out of the list is a PURE waste of money!

    But since you are rich.


    Go ahead. Plus buy a couple of duplicate for me!

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