The Wrong Time

In blog on October 18, 2008 at 6:50 pm

Today was never a good day to play badminton, although I did win a few rounds. Yep, Joey, Marcus, Jason and I went to school to have some badminton. And omg yes, I’m now addicted to badminton, I think I’m gonna invest in a new badminton racket and a new pair of shoes =XXXXXXXX. I just have a feeling that it’s going to take up lots of my time in the future. But maybe not, 2 years ago, I thought swimming was going to be my main source of fat-burning, I invested like 50-60 into a bloody goggle and I only went back to swim like twice in 2 years.

Today was a bloody bad day to play badminton because firstly, we freaking ate at Lao Zhong Zhong before that. 2. I was freaking tired. 3. Mood wasn’t that good. 4. Badminton mood wasn’t there.

We gave up after an hour, because the damn food was still inside, lol.

In the car, one part of the conversation was quite interesting. Marcus was like saying home is the best place to be. I asked why. He said because he can emo at home. Well, I told him why being emo yourself at home is super redundant. Firstly, no one knows you’re being sad. Secondly, you’re just finding something to be sad about. Thirdly, You will not achieve anything. So, the best thing to do is to freaking blog it out! Let your feelings flow out like there’s no stopping.

But sometimes, things are not meant to be leaked out. Sometimes, feelings are meant to be kept in a prison, never to be released. When it’s out, it’s like letting a terrorist out, havoc will be wrecked. The process is irreversible.

I made the decision, I think it’s time to face it. Omg, I’m out of topic, goodbye.

I can’t wait for tuesday, badmintons with friends!

  1. LOL?! WHAT THE BLEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simi sai you talking? Let it out you feel better, find police you can trust to tell to lah. simi lan jiao wei?! Then there’s a resolve to the process

  2. You say you blog it out. But you say somethings are not meant to be leaked out. Then the point is?

    Can you stop being ironic in a post?

  3. hahaha so gt enuff players lah! lol, went sch to play?SCH?omg!

  4. @defcon errrrrrrrrrrrr

    @marcus errrrrrrrrrrrr

    @fel at first don’t have, but then found my cousin to play with us lorrrrr, yes… school!

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