Loads Of Time

In blog on October 12, 2008 at 1:32 am

School’s starting, Holidays are ending.

So…. Let’s just use the remaining free time for some ultra-insane blogging.

This might just be the most interesting or the most “bo-liao” post ever. Yep, I took the photo just to post this huge chunk of things to blog about.

Today’s Random Topic : My Room

Beware, Picture galore.

No. of pictures: 45( Try to beat that, Marcus!!jkjk)

Random picture, taken months ago.

My room. Hmm, such an interesting topic to talk about, seriously.

I’ve taken a photo of every single interesting object that my room have to offer, here goesss.

1. My precious lens.

2. My not so beloved computer, currently spoilt. Total randomness, sometime it works sometimes it doesn’t, and obviously its not working right now.

3. Super ugly camera bag.

4. The dog with a broken neck that I have not touched for like ages? But why the hell is it still doing on my bed?!

5. Being more or less a patrotic Singaporean, I present you the Singapore flag. I think it’s like super hard to find someone that actually have their nation flag in their room, I THINK i am one in a million. Any of you have the singapore flag in your room, raise your hands. Wtf? No one?

6. Irritating Heavy tripod

7.  The air purifier that I have not turned on for ages. Dad bought it for me to stop my flu but it didn’t, stupid gimmicks.

8. The laptop that I want to replace very badly.

9. The remote control that is always on the wall. Not much of a remote control huh?

10. The laptop that I don’t really want to use.

11.  The remote controlled abrams tank that can shoot pallets. Bought it like 2 years ago, I was so super retarded I try to shoot some other things and the shooting mechanism was screwed up. One of the most regretable action ever. If it’s still working, I’d bring it to school to pierce the skins of people I hate, yes, you.

12.  Err, my wardrobe? Is that a lot of clothes or too little? But I only wear a few, say 10% of what I have.

13. The printing station thingy, now who wants to print photos? $1/photo, super cheap. $0.80/photo if you are my good friend.

14. The external hdd that my dad bought for us, me my sis and bro backed everything up and now it’s totally full. Extra storage space indeed -_-.

15. The damn car encyclopedia that is in my toilet for like ages, and wtf how did it end up in my toilet anyway. Someone have been slacking, for months.

16. My ps3 games, I play them like once or twice a month, talking about value for money. Thank god I’ve found out something else to do other than gaming,

17. More games and dvd.

18. My cds. Sort of a waste of space but its nice to have your own collection. These cds are practically use one time and leave it aside forever, in other words, rip it to your computer and play as mp3. Hmm, wonders if I should continue going the legal way :(.

19. Books.

20. Old mags and books, I think I should really get rid of them.

21. Remains of year one crap, still crap. Oh, the bad memories :(.

22. More mags.

23. Ohhh, A locker with key. “Gyver’s secret vault”. Let’s see what’s inside shall we? Wait, we should leave the best for the last, scroll ALL the way down if you want to, but that just kills the excitement, continue reading, it’s your choice 🙂

24.Hmm, O level results. Random lame trophies and winnie the pooh. Click on teh photo for a clearer shot.

25. Latest t3 issue.

26. Lousy nokia n-93. I will never ever buy Nokia again.

27. Poker cards, Tai Dee used to be fun, its like so boring now.

28. My board games, yes, I have many monopolies, I won 2 from some lame photography competition. So there’s a total of 3. Who wants one?

29. $50 dollar game boy advanced that I bought from a kid that was so desperate to sell it away.

30. The nano that I intend to trade-in.

31. The book that my sis and mum want me to read, but so far I’ve only completed 2 pages since a year ago.

32. My camera box.

33.But no, there’s more. Its more than a freaking camera box.

It’s full of crap!

34. Didn’t realise about the ipod dock until I opened up the box, and omg it fits perfectly!

35. The rubic cube that can never be solved. Not in my lifetime.

36. Omg my old class photos, the nerdy days. Enlarged photo not available, don’t try to click =X

37. The not so nerdy days. Enlargable.

38. Old friends that broke contact toally. Enlargable too…

39. Study room crapness. Gotta pack since school is coming back!

40. There you go, the unopened monopoly set. WHO WANT?

41. Wtf, fortune, I shouldnt have subscribed. I dont think I will open it and read as yet. Reading mood absent.

42. Ohhh, the old themometer days.

43. Badminton rackets, I have 5, who’s up for badminton? Should organize one soon!

44. Dead psp, there is seriously no games to play on the psp. Haven’t touched it for like a few months already.

45. Oh, it’s just a nikon manual. Shows that I don’t have any secrets so stop asking. Whoever scroll all the way down, you can choose either of the following as a reply:

1. Sorry to dissapoint.
2. Owned.

That’s all folks!

  1. lol i have a Singapore flag in my living room. 😀

  2. lol thats not patriotic, your parents put one lah..I can show you my old singapore-flagged nano. omg

  3. ” I was so super retarded I try to shoot some other things and the shooting mechanism was screwed up.”
    As the mom of a special needs child, who is what you would call “super retarded” I just wonder if you know how painful your comment was.
    Slurs and stereotypes can really hurt people. People living with special needs are doing the best they can, can you say the same thing?

  4. Seriously can beat that 45 pictures! I mean 45 ONLY?!

    And to my dearest friend Mary. (I seriously don’t know her).
    I saw your message in my inbox the other day. And that is quite interesting because you are spending more time to spot people using the word “Retarded” then looking after your child. I mean seriously, spend your time wisely.

    Opp! He did it again!

  5. LOL, makes sense!!

    ya 45 pics, can not?! I’m ready for the next cousins and company outingss!

  6. Me too! And waiting for a signal…

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