I love jigsaws.

In blog on October 11, 2008 at 10:47 pm

Sheena Are leads Sheena Is by 24 points.

Jigsaw puzzles are so addictive, but that’s in advanced mode. There’s like 200 pieces or something?

I can’t believe we played it for 55 freaking minutes and 22 little seconds.

And yes, I print screen everything so watch your words :(.

School starts in like…..TWO days.

I can’t wait seriously.

Please make saturday and sundays school days please.

Yes I know, now everyone’s going to kill me for the previous comment I just made.

Maybe I am just going to sleep for the whole sunday so that school starts earlier.

This is such a random post.

  1. ………good review and story guys. keep it..
    thanks, see you on your next post….by by

  2. LOL, yeah, jigsaws can be quite addictive. Even more so if you can create as many jigsaws as you want with any image on the web! Yes, that’s possible with JigsawBreak.

  3. Oh. Good Review and THAT IT IS ADDICTIVE.

    Do I sound like the two above?

    But seriously, are they you friends?

    Hello, Cutegirl. I wonder how cute you are.

    And hello JigsawBreak. Did you break jigsaw or something?

    And anyway, seriously we should play when I am in school feeling bored!

  4. Hell no, they are spams, so super fake.. But i think jigsaw break sound like a human to me.

    yep, will give you a nudge when Im bored in school =XX

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