Current Randomness

In blog on October 2, 2008 at 1:35 am
  1. Excited that school is starting so very soon.
  2. A little afraid that I won’t be able to wake up on time when school starts, have been sleeping at 2am and waking up at 12pm daily ever since.
  3. A little proud of recent achievements of going for some sort of exercise, badminton especially. going to start jogging tomorrow, not too late, RIGHT?
  4. Starting to love jigsaw puzzles after playing one with sheena, and omfg I won!
  5. Very very jealous of blogspot users as they do not have to wait 20 minutes to create new entry, check the stats or even visiting fellow wordpressians.
  6. Can’t believe I lost a badminton match to Marcus but thank god I won one against Joey.
  7. Bored because I have nothing to do except for writing this post.
  8. Feeling stupid because I am so bloody sticked to the ipod touch, like listening to songs through it even when I’m at home or even when I am using the laptop where listening songs from the laptop is good enough, I prefer to listen to the ipod.
  9. Wondering if I should sort of you know, spam more entries, since the blogging mood is here.
  10. Wants to remind readers to SCROLL down when checking my blog for posts, the first post titles “Bruises” will always be there as I stickied it there. I have readers not reading my posts because they are lazy to scroll, yes YOU.
  11. Hmm.. Thinking of what else to say.
  12. Creating another banner, oh yes, I know, I have been changing banners like there’s no tomorrow, here’s what they call “expressing yourself”
  13. I am still not sleepy, but I am tired.
  14. Don’t miss out the recent post below, it’s posted less than an hour before this post. happy reading!
  1. Seriously what so cannot believe about losing to me?

    What can I say?

    Try harder?

  2. you know something, if they don’t scroll down, they will never see this post that asks them to scroll down. >.<

  3. @Marcus, yes I will try incredibly hard!

    @sheena, well…………………….if they are not loyal readers or not those that are really concerned, then it doesn’t matter! but sooner or later they will know…..hopefully.

  4. Omg! You won today!

    Just because I woke up on the wrong side of my bed!

  5. pls remember to brush ur teeth regularly and visit dentist once every 6 months

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