Day out with the Cousins

In blog on September 27, 2008 at 1:51 am

So, after work, impromptu surprises, once again, happened. This time, Marcus and I were not alone, the C.R.I.T.I.C Sisters were here too! It’s pretty random, Marcus suddenly mentioned Jaslyn and so we called her, and it was a pleasant surprise indeed, Sarah was with her. Apparently, they were at Bedok Reservior Road( near someone’s house!), and as gentlemens, we had to fetch them from there as they were “Lost”.

Lost had indeed, overtaken Heroes for the “Most Loved TV Shows Award”.
First, we went to Shaw Plaza or Shaw House, whatever it is, it’s in Orchard. We were hungry, so we bought some food from Long John Silvers, was great as usual. Chatted here and there, got a little catching up to do. We were here for a movie as well, so we were deciding which movie to watch, a movie caught our attention, “Mad About English”, as much as I want to puke and elaborate a little on it now, there’s much more interesting to write about rather than that little piece-of-crap movie, will write a little about it later.

So after that, we went to Wheellock place after that for some walking about, I have to something to check out. While I was in epicenter checking the prices and stuff, The Others were camwhoring, and wtf, camwhoring without me. Thank god I was only 2 minutes late.

Here are the pictures, a little disclaimer, every single human being in the pictures below are completely sane and it is 100% sure that they did stupid poses for the sake of nothing but….FUN. So yep, don’t go around calling us crazy or insane or whatever stupid words you can think of.

Trapped by the Critic Sisters


Alright, this shows I am totally not interested in what they are doing.

Well, maybe not, take this.

Then we went walking around, being too bored.

After fetching my mum home, we then went back to Shaw Plaza/House to watch the worst movie I’ve ever watched:

Mad About English. And indeed, the “stars” are indeed mad about english till the extent it make them look like the most retarded species of human beings you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life. Like wtf, 85% of the time you’re looking at old people trying their very best to speak “Good” English. You have the irritating old man that trys too hard to speak proper english and sings some english songs about his two hands. Then you have this old grandmother who is supposed to be some “Medical” grandmother and went speaking “What colour is your stool” and ” Did you clear your bowels regularly” and expect us to laugh at them. So there was a retarded taxi driver who wants to keep improving his english so that he can be “part of the china Olympic thingy”. What’s the freaking use if you only knows how to speak 2 to 3 sentences by memorization?

The final verdict:

I give Mad About English 5 stars, out of a million, if there is such a rating system, that is.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I slept for 30mins in the theater , the very first time I’ve slept in the theater. Yes, the movie sucked that much.

So after that we went to Dome expecting some super nice food.

Sisters being impatient!

Omfg hooray the food is here!

Here’s the meal that sang “I’m Yours”

Jaslyn’s, I think

The basket we shared

After that we went to their condo for a little while, walked around the compound until we decided to sit down at a playground to watch a bunch of kids play the hopping thing. It was fun, Marcus sort of gave many many comments and so they decided to Bond with us, yes, a little bonding camp you have there! There was like 5 or 6 kids and we were totally outnumbered, yes us, Marcus Jasyln and I. So we decided to go smart, they asked many questions and we sort of lied 😦 They asked questions like how old am I(Ii said 24), where do I come from(I said america), what car do I drive(I said mercedes) and lastly, where do I stay(I said the istana). Now, that’s not really lying but trying to protect your identity. As time goes by, they asked more and more questions, and we hence, lied based on the lies we made earlier, talking about lies about lying, wait, that sounds familiar. Now don’t say that we’re evil freaks that bully these kids, but they are way cunning than we were, they were pretty mischievous as well, like trying to snatch my phone while I show them some pictures and even trying to push me while I was sitting down, wtf? So Jaslyn was our teacher that graduated from Harvard, So Marcus and I were here to visit her to show our appreciation. That was one of the best laughs I’ve ever got in my life! I am still honest!

Here’s some random pic of my other cousin, funniest shit ever.


  1. eh copyright infringement.

  2. okok better comment here.
    the dome food looks really good.

  3. @sheena 1: it’s called free exposure, well I can remove if you want to 😦

    @sheena 2: better comment yes, looks good taste good, no.. It looks good and the environment is not bad but the food doesnt taste…..that good =X well, that’s just me because i only ate CALAMARI RINGS

  4. How about no Cousins here to comment?


    Oh! I did a better post on this. PERHAPS!

  5. Aiya, they will be here one day one lah, yours also havent been commented so that means they havent visited both our blogs!!

    errr, QUANTITY =/ QUALITY!!!!


    Unlike someone.

    Quality perhaps!
    Quantity IS ZERO!

  7. Err, whatever, ok yours is better, gotta improve SOON!

  8. So am I to wait for another … few years?!

  9. haha..those indian kids are seriously..HAHA…haha

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