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Alright, here’s the real deal.

What I’ve been doing or participating in all in one big juicy post. It might get draggy or wordy but hey, at least I blogged! This have been dragging too long, people like Sheena and Jerry was jealous I posted the cousin thing first! LOL, jk! They just can’t wait to see the photos!

Get ready for ultimate spammage!

Things I’m going to blog about on this post:
1. The Last (Sinful) Supper.( or the Madness at Newton Circus, whichever sounds better)
2. Kbox outing
3. Yes-limited Meeting(*)

Things I’m going to blog about on the next post:
1. Impromptu movie session with NaNa(*)

I have less time nowadays, which is a good thing, in a way.

Last Sunday, it was practically quite a wonderful day. Went shopping with Mum, Dad and Joey and really spent quite a lot on clothes, like totally a lot! Well, maybe because it have been so long we last went shopping on Sundays. Went to Sim Lim to get sis a new video cam too, Sony madness!

After that, we went dinner at Kopitiam, somewhere near my sister’s school, to be specific, it’s next to my sister’s school. A few days back Jerry and I were planning some Guys Nights Out at newton, so we asked Seng and Kaming along, but they couldn’t make it. Then fortunately, Seng ended his work early so there is still time to be wasted, so it’s initiated!

When we arrived at Newton Food Centre, Seng said he saw his cousin there or something, and kept looking out for her. Then we were sort of “harrased” by some guy that kept stalking us, asking us to sit here sit there, and a few others of them were there too. This is the one thing I hate about that place, very competitive aunties and uncles. That guy was like listening to whatever we’re saying. When we move to a place with 3 seperate seats, he was saying ” This kind of seats are good for guys, the other kind of seats are good when there’s girls because you can squeeze with them”. We were stunned for a moment, but ignored what he said. When we were discussing what to eat, we teased Jerry of being our waiter, that guy heard and said “HaHa, I can be your waiter”. Another stunning moment, I wonder why he is seriously so thicked-skinned.

Eventually we gave up and let him order the food for us since he’s offering his services so desperately. Yes, he’s OFFERING HIS SERVICES.

Another dilemma was cash. Apparently, I didn’t bring my wallet(Sheena should know whose fault it is) and I have only $30 dollar cash, and shockingly, it wasn’t enough! Seng didn’t bring cash with him as well and the only person to turn to was jerry sadly, he didnt have enough with him and had to withdraw too. We ordered too much food, seriously, the satay and chicken wings came first and guess how much is it? $28 freaking dollars. 1 Satay was $0.50 and 1 wing was $1.60 i think. There you go, $30 gone because Jerry was out ordering food.

Seng and I was crazily planning what food to order, so we ordered and ordered. That forced Jerry to draw some more money out.

Here are the satays and carrot cakes.

The wings.Carrot Cake..Here are the ultra nice fried sotongs, sorry for the unrotated picture, forgot to rotate it while editing.

Then we ate and ate, the fullest supper ever indeed! We went orchard after that for awhile since Jerry needs his walk after food. We went to some place we shouldn’t have went thanks to Jerry. Talked and talked and went home after that. Fun time indeed!

The next day was the Kbox outing, which was supposed to be a cycling outing, which was supposed to be a badminton outing. So we met in school and took off, went to some place at Katong and ate Astons, or something like that. Was full, too full!

We went on to some karaoke place after that and sang out lungs off. Omfg, Kaming and I was like SINGING like crazy freaks, indeed, we lost our voice. Omg I didn’t know Kaming knew so many english songs, lol! Best one was Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

Up next the REAL DEAL, Yes Limited Meeting with Sheena, Rebecca and Jerry. The day started with meeting Rebecca at Lucky Plaza, it was at 11 plus so I didn’t kena any ERP gantries. My sis was with me too, so we went to Plaza Sing together and she went off after that. Rebecca and I decided to go to the arcarde for awhile, while waiting for Sheena and Jerry to arrive. We saw the staff there adjusting the crane machines, the one with softtoys waiting for cranes to pick them up and drop them into the “prize chutes”. Rebecca said she know a way to win the prizes, we watched some strangers play and decided to play too.

Eventually we were quite skeptical, Rebekka changed $2 worth of coins and off we go. She let me try first and it was so damn close to winning some Minnie Mouse. So she said grab some part of the doll got higher chance. And then we went for a second attempt and omfg it dropped into the price chute, I don’t know but we were super lucky. Rebecca took the Minnie Mouse.

We were complacent or in other words, greedy for more! So we tried and tried even a few more times and it didn’t work anymore! Wastes 10 bucks for nothing, oh well!

Then Jerry and Sheena arrived and we went all the way down to Pizza Hut and meet them. They were like SUPER late and Jerry said whoever is last treats everyone.

Ok then were at pizza hut, we didn’t know what to order at first. So we ordered a family feast or something like that, 2 regular pizzas. Then there was some confusion on the waiters side regarding whether we can change the pizza to other favours and stuff. Solved it and there we go, pizza time! Talked about a shitload of things. Hell fun, we were planning some activities next week and then we talked about badminton, how much they suck at it and Sheena was saying her skills sucks, Jerry said his skills is Ok only, Rebecca specifically say okok only lah. Then refering back to what we learnt during MR, Scale Management, Rebecca said ok twice compared to Jerry, so we were like saying Rebecca very hao lian. Hard to describe but you get the drift.

Some photos:

Jerry and his usual pose and sheena with her usual pose too

The pizza. Bloody nice cheese plus hotdog.

Some pictures from sheena’s blog, apparently because she TRADEMARKED the pictures…

According to Sheena’s Blog, I was showing something funny to Rebekka on my phone.

Yes limited fingers.Exluding Sheena’s, too small to be seen!

Rebecca, a very fierce debater. Both in class and out of class
Her super fierce pose
So we went to Cineleisure after that, went to apple shop and OMFG the 2nd generation iPod touch is bloody tempting. Then Sheena came across and Emo shop and went in.

Rebekka’s Redundant Specticles
Seems like rebekka is more interested in the products of the shop more than sheena!
Sheena and her Little Mr Cobain or something,
Alright don’t say we take photos of their products without any appreciation, it’s some shop in Cineleisure, figure it yourself kthx!

Then we went to arcarde after that for awhile and play the table hockey or something, ultra fun, it was a draw as the girls owned the guys on the first round but was totally owned by the guys the second round, should find one day to just play this the whole day! LOL!

Then rebecca have to go off and the rest of us watch wall-e, superb movie I must say although it is a cartoon, or rather an “animation”.

That’s all for today! Gonna do some LOST marathon right now, thanks jerry for lending me the dvd!

Lost Season 1, not too late to start I guess!
The real theatre experience, NOT..

That’s all bye!

  1. That’s all?

    I was expecting it to be really LONG.

  2. OMG. i didn’t know you took photos in that shop!
    and thanks for giving my blog more clicks. hahaha. 😀

  3. @marcus That’s all? I was expecting more comments! Lol JK! Aiya, QUANTITY DOESNT MEAN QUALITY, so common you also don’t know?!

    @sheena, err you didn’t know? YOU POSED FOR THAT PICTURE! Pretend arh sheena?! You want more clicks arh? I have a way to make every click on this blog go to your blog, just show me the money 🙂 Oh wait, you need the money for OHHUSH

  4. ahhhh dont remind me about oh hush!
    i was stifled about that too 😦


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