Cousins Crazy

In blog on September 17, 2008 at 2:06 am

Last Saturday, 13 Sept, was an exciting day indeed!

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, there’s a BBQ at Marcus’ house, the food was great, the fun was fun and yep, it is a great day.

It sucks to feel hungry at this point of time!(1.49am)

Arrived quite late so it already started! The food starts flowing and everyone’s eating while Jason, the Master Cheft is bbqing the food…

Here’s Joey and Marcus, Joey showing he’ve conqured the satays.

This is Richard, long time no see, funny shit!

Here comes Jaslyn, the ultra CRITIC!

Then here you have her critic sister, SARAH.

Now here we have got a hollywood movie scene. Apparently, Sarah shot Jaslyn with her camera, Marcus did the sudden sad turn. All frozen my my camera, how great is that! (Showing off tone is intended!)

The monster is here, doing dozens and dozens of “demonic run-bys”, Sarah is totally terrified.

Andy looks like as if it’s like a walk in a park to run here and there a thousand times and not feel tired!

I’m not scared, serious!

Call us lame, call us time-wasters but we played some turn the round table thingy game. Well, put the camera on the round thing and turn! Whoever gets caught in the camera, SMILE!

Marcus and I.

Mabel and Sarah.

Critic Sisters!

Lame pose!

Typical cousin shot!

Well, F**# you for being emo! That’s waht jaslyn and I were implying!

Try to act emo but cannot act, still smile in the end.

All advertising some drinks, I have nothing to advertise but my middle finger, sorry that’s pathetic i know đŸ˜¦

Marcus advertise his camea, Jaslyn advertised my phone, I advertised my father’s car keys and Sarah advertise her… err LOSER LOOK?LOL!

Read the words in it!

Sis and Mum

Now, it’s off to bed, CYA!

  1. I made to wait for the post!


    and I like the post!



    Sleep time for me too BYE!

  3. Errrrrr? Me?

  4. Wher is the madness at newton post????

  5. where is the yes limited post? lol

  6. @marcus, errrr you havent blog yet, do it, ASAP!

    @jerry, worry not it’s going to be here like soooooo very soon, so stay tuned! it could be here any minute so just refresh this blog every minute!

    @sheena same reply as with jerry, but with something extra, hmm, wont post unless you post yours!

  7. omg this post is fucking funny!!!..haha..what is with the critic sisters!!..

    emo shots are CRAZY!!!…haha

  8. are there more pics?!..send me!

  9. HAHA!
    thats so not the loser sign ok!!
    thats the lame sign. HELLO!!!! and i was so not terrified of that boy OKAY!LOL!

  10. How can I miss out with such a great comment form.


  11. @jaslyn, NO VULGARITIES PLEASE! this is a PG rated blog!! lol! critic sisters means they COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING!!

    Emo shots are fun, lol!

    I have pics, but TOO MANY!

    @sarah, that’s the LOSER sign! lol but the pictures shows otherwise! SARAH IS TERRIFIED OF ANDY!

    @marcus, comment form? WHERE?

    Indeed, like you know those calafare on those rollercoaster commercials, super terrified look

  12. comment platform? FORM? that form….

  13. […] what Gyver said, got shot! Seriously, what is with USA? And their banks? And their […]

  14. @marcus, oh you need comment form meh? I thought you are wordpress member? Or you mean jaslyn and sarah arh? They are already gone before you knew it, where are you jaslyn and sarah? was expecting more comments you know?!

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