In blog on September 13, 2008 at 2:17 am

Alright, alright. Seems like I’ve been pessimistic for the past few days, but I couldn’t help it, I think I have been home for too long, sometimes, going out for a dinner really changes my mood, staying at home for extended periods of time can really make your mood go haywire. Just you and the computer, 4 walls and the bed. There is simply no living thing around except you yourself. Facing a non-living thing for 24 hours can be such a bloody pain.

Maybe I should just burn my computers away?

Have been going out for the past few days to Marina Bay with Joey to take some photos, well, I told him why going out was the best choice for the holidays, the only way to know if you should go out or stay home is to ask yourself one simple question : What will you be doing if you were at home right now?

My answer would be computer, ps3, sleep. These are the most possible ones, and yep, no television, I don’t watch TV, now tell me that’s totally not possible.

Yes, we’re feeling lame.

You can check out the pictures I took here. A few days ago, very early in the morning, went for either breakfast or supper, with Jerry at Newton, had a guys talk, wanted to ask the other guys along but it was too late.

Now, about what to look forward to, hmm, a few to mention:

  • The so called crazy cousins gathering tomorrow, apparently it is actually the mooncake gathering instead but I think we’re all damn excited to you know, come together from different parts of Singapore and have fun, especially camwhoring.
  • Badminton?
  • Yes Limited Gathering?
  • Future guys-only Ultra-Late suppers?
  • The yet-to-be-organized class gatherings?

Yep, feeling quite excited for now, like less than 24 hours to meet the cousins!

Perhaps that’s all for now, cya!

  1. wtf is up with your smile?

  2. Nothings up, sheena, just…. smiling!

  3. hahah ehh badminton! if wanna play, call me along too!(:

  4. hi FELICIA, i will! you organize lah!

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