In blog on August 30, 2008 at 10:17 am

Exams over.

Had a fun time out, lunch, movie, dinner and almost supper omg.

Till 1am

Freaking tired.

So tired, I am half dead now.

Not gonna blog about it so soon!


  1. i’m the first! haha
    enjoy ur holiday!

  2. commented! please update your blog! and if you are bored do that quiz on my blog! :]]]

  3. haha, am third! anyways hi(: ooh, thanks for the present again!! see ya soon! well, not too soon cuz im going batam! muahahaha

  4. @jing, keep up the good work!! lol! thanks, will enjoy, you too!!!

    @jeena, will update SOOOO soon! I will do, not SOOOO soon, LOL!

    @sam, third is good enough, lol! hi once again! np for the present, well if you actually tell me what you actually LIKE, then you would love it even more right?lol… you better free up your schedule, cya soon!!! have fun! don’t forget souvenirs!!! 🙂

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