In blog on August 20, 2008 at 1:21 am

Yay, FMA is over. Boo, it’s not-that-easy.

Happiness from FMA being over, 20%. Crappiness that it’s not so easy, 80%.

Not to mention that Fatigue is at it’s best as well.

For the past 24 hours I have only 3 hours of sleep yet I don’t feel sleepy, I can’t sleep but I can feel the tiredness. Sounds confusing but it’s happening to me.

Woke up at 6am THANKS to someone. Chionged all the way to 6pm for the hellish paper, at at 7.40pm I broke down during the paper. At that time I had already finished my paper, kinda fast but at that time I want to finish the paper asap and sleep, I don’t know why.

After that, sort of have a “boy’s night out” or something. Well, because it was practically all guys. Went to dinner at Clementi wtih Kaming, Seng, Kenneth and Randy.

The food there was perfect, ate carrot cake and omg, it was the best carrot cake i’ve ever eaten! Then we seriously crapped like hell till 10 and then went home after that, with Kaming, Seng and Kenneth dropping at kovan mrt, seems like all of them stay around my area.

So yep, ups and downs.

Ups, and downs.

  1. SIGH. =/

  2. Hello mr 1.30pm wake up guy . haha . here to comment ; lest i get scolded by you to fuck off ASAP again . haha .

  3. Down is a favourite song of Yes Limited

  4. it is?

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