Mugging Failed

In blog on August 18, 2008 at 2:12 am

We plan to mug. We went to school. We Tried To Mug. We Failed.

We’re Owned real bad.

I guess it shows that if you don’t have the mood to study, DON’T. But, if your exams are tomorrow, and you have not even started, FORCE YOURSELF. Do something like dismantling the computer or something, I did that during the O’s and it worked! But this time, my main distraction isn’t the computer or whatsoever, it’s something mental that nothing can solve, OH WELL.

Ok, talking about mugging. Sheena, Jerry and I sort of planned to meet in school together to mug.

Here are some pictures we took on the way.

Random, guess where is this.

The effing petrol, cost me like over $230 for the past 3 weeks, OMFG.

Pretty random, I agree.

Wtf, who’s sitting beside me?

Jerry’s best friend.
Upon arrival, we found a good spot to start “mugging” our “favourite” module:

Yes, bastardly bitchly bitchy F-MA.

In the beginning, it was pretty smooth, arranged everything in order and stuff.

Sheena’s also on track until we found something wierd, like wtf is that board doing there?

It started to appear on Jerry too.

And to my horror, I was holding it too.

Then Jerry got a question and called some of our friends, some of them didn’t even pick up!
Misson completed then Jerry went haywire.

Wtf, started to read newspaper.

Then started to emo.

After that, we decided staying here is a total waste of time. We went Cafe Cartel at IMM and have lunch since Jerry have not eaten yet. Chatted here and there.

After that, I went home and soon after that went to Marcus’ house for dinner.

Apparently we’ve got a monster here.

Sis and me.

Errr, that’s kenneth. Doing some DOTA hero thing, I THINK.

Then it was dinner,  it was superb.

Just take a look at  how BIG those are!

Jamie wasn’t very happy, TOO MUCH FOOD!

Oh the other hand….

Kelvin is like super excited!

Jamie then started to get a little hungry, smiled a little.
Then Joey look so competitve, like “You dare to take my food?”

Joey then stretch his hand out and say “You have 1 minute to complete your dinner”

My uncle, in other words, marcusdot’s dad(like what Sheena like to call”.

Dad came after a while, I don’t know why but I like this photo very much, like a scene from those racing movies with smoke everywhere and the headlight shining thru and stuff, it’s hard to explain. Ignore me kthx.

There was an ongoing Yes Limited online meeting and I had to be involved. Here’s where the Crappy B comes ultra useful

Crappy B, like I name my IBM laptop, because its specification is crap, grade b compared to my giant HP ultra-unportable.

Yes, the new way of typing. Use the damn middle fingers, it’s much faster and trains your fingers even faster. Effective  when chatting with retards and irritables.

Showed some videos to Jamie, DON’T THINK SIDEWAYS KTHX!Funny videos, to be exact.

Camera shy Jamie.

If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!

Sorry to whoever is taking breakfast/lunch/dinner now, this is the only picture I have of Marcus. He wants to show the world how beautiful his feets are.

Still camera shy

Don’t ask me. I have no idea why I was in that position.

That’s all for the day!

  1. my feet! OMG!


  2. LOL, now the world knows!!

    You sure for your blog only, i know you want me to post that so badly.

  3. WTF @ the last picture! LMAOOOOO!

  4. Why will I want you to post that?


    My feet is like worth a million. The picture worth a few thousand. What do you think leh?


  5. @sheena, errr, Lao Mao your ass lah!

    @marcuslol, how i know, you want MAXIMIZED EXPOSURE what..

    Err, i posted it and didn’t get “a thousand visitor” to my blog leh, more like 1/10th of that value. You promise it but did not deliver it, WHY?!

    Nah, it’s just an everyday thing aww.

    Ya lah, you caught the angle but failed to capture the HAPPINESS!

  6. still lmao-ing at the picture. gyver is owned.

  7. Because you are not getting the best out of it. Too bad!

    And how can’t see that Gyver is happy! SAY I!

  8. Who*

  9. LOL DAI KOR DO BREAKDANCE! btw, why the f you call me a monster! eeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiilll~~

  10. btw! The laptop is mine one T_T how can you say it’s lousy! its now yours. Just for awhile =P don’t bully younger brother laaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Take my one when you got better one T_T. It’s great btw, not ‘GRADE B’ It’s GRADE A+ during that time when it was created. Btw, where the **** are you man?!

  11. @sheena, ok i’m going to post all the unglamorous pictures of you then who’s gonna OWN WHO? SHEENA?

    @marcus, you didn’t take jamie’s happiness what….

    @defcon, i dont do those crappy breakdance crap, don’t you know i am ANTI-HIPHOP?

    @18crap, now its MINE, OWNED! at that time it wasnt even a b lor, its considered a budget model, i think. what where the f am i

  12. lol not really. Although you don’t like black people, you still hear their black voices. LOL some of em is hip-hop leh!

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