It’s over.

In blog on August 15, 2008 at 2:50 am

The two pain-in-the-ass modules are both gone from the little life of mine. My mind now feels significantly better and lighter, whether the information that I’ve accumulated in the little brain of mind stays in the mind or just dissapear into the thin air doesn’t really matter. I need to save some space for the next few modules that are going to be more pain-in-the-ass than these two topics.

SSM didn’t feel that hard, but like what Marcus says, “If you think it’s hard, you’ll do well. If you feel it’s easy, you’re screwed up”.

If only my confidence level is THAT high.

So Sam and Lynette decided to go to eat some Italian food after that. After the previous ultra-long post, not only readers sort of developed a phobia of words, so do I. This might just be a picture post, thank god there’s a shit load of pictures to post!

Here’s some pictures taken by Seng.

Nette is excited!

I think they are complaining that there are LOTS of coins in the left compartment

No idea what this means. Nette emoing.

Sam being over-excited

The usual happy shot.

The complained that I missed two turns 😦

Sam’s usual spastic shot, Daryl was like, err, I don’t know her.

The so called Italian restaurant, forgot what it’s called.

The Hawaiian pizzza thingy. Not too bad. Had a good time there, fun to crap with the rest!

After this pizza thing, went walking around for while and god, Central is damn empty.

Poor nette in the boot while on the way to Vivo.

The instant we reached Vivo, Sam and Nette went on a shopping spree, secretly running away while we were admiring the shoes and stuff.

Well it’s ok, Jerry, Daryl, Sheena and I went to visit Seng at adidas.

Err, that’s Seng. And, we’re being fashion critics, seeing if the jacket fits daryl.

Sheena and Jerry with his soon-to-be-jacket.


No one is fooling anyone, Sheena almost sat on the chair but didn’t due to COWARDICE!

We sort of went for a manhunt for the two shopping queens, but wasn’t successful. They walked damn fast, the moment we went to their last known location, they dissapeared and it kept happening. The rest of us went to starbucks for a rest.

Chatted here and there and Sam nette and daryl have to go, awww.

The rest of us intended to watch some movie but Sheena got to go before a specific time, sad shit. Instead we went to Marche. Best place ever.

Congrats to Jerry for being open to cameras now!

Usual camwhore.

The bloody nice Rosti or something, I came the Marche specifically for this! You don’t usually get to come to VivO!

Sheena and the Cultural Shocked me.

We are such bad photographers, the framing seriously sucked.

We wanted a formal Yes Limited shot, but Bekka was missing.

Then Jerry went crazy I think.

Indeed he went crazy!

Another closer look at the bloody delicious rosti, Jerry orded one too.

Loving it.

Wtf, Jerry look like Nana from one of the photos we took earlier!

Seriously sad to see such a great day come to an end.

But Jerry’s excited to get home

Err, what’s he trying to do.

Both of them. I’m too used to being the photographer.

We went to somewhere near the sea and talk about matters of the heart 🙂



Went home after that!

Oh, the laptop’s back. Totally new and shiny because HP practically replaced everything! Even the damn battery! Long live HP customer service!

New LCD screen even!

They even gave me a new adapter

Now, you know which brand to trust!

That’s all cya!

  1. omg. last few pictures damn unglam. -.-

  2. nice, i see so many me, im loving it

  3. @sheena, where got unglam? normal what.

    @jerry, errr, glad you like it =X

  4. that means i am unglam in real life? :[

  5. lol dk, you and jerry look so alike leh! OMG MAN. That guy in jacket you or he siol? That comment with
    ‘sheena and jerry with his soon-to-be jacket that one! YOU OR HIM! DON’T LIE.

  6. btw, change vista to xp la. VISTA KNS!

  7. I wasn’t emoing in one of the pictures!! just enjoying the drive past of so many places. =)

  8. haha, e place is called TAGLIO! haha. and i realise ive got so many unglam shots. u cud have upload selectively rites!! haha. anyways thanks for e rides(:

  9. @sheena, errr, it means its NORMAL, wtf.

    @18siao, wtf where got alike, we’re worlds apart please. and its really not me lah!

    i MIGHT change.

    @lynette, lol you look like emoing, you mean you didn’t go sight-seeing before?LOL, jk!

    @sam, oh taglio yahor, wierd name. unglam meh, your blog also got SO MANY unglam shots, esp the spastic face thing.. I upload selectively liao!!! np;……..

  10. oi! go and study!

  11. stfu la sheena. like who the hell is watching me comment this instant

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