Mugging Sessions and the not so mugging sessions

In blog on August 13, 2008 at 11:08 pm

The week of mugging is upon us, people mugging like hell during breaks, lectures being quite empty and tutorials with almost half the class disappearing.

I know, 8 days without an update is a phenomenon indeed. Everyone’s asking for an update, so here is a slightly long but boring update. More words, less pictures. I guess there is not much people in a mood for photos. Due to mugging sessions, this post will take a few days to complete.

Due to mugging sessions, blog views have also decreased significantly. Being a Singaporean, transparency is something we should encourage. Here’s something very private but I still showcase!

Yes, all the way down!


Lectures, let’s talk about the lectures. Topics are 100% taught, students have nothing much more to learn, students get restless and some lecturers stop taking attendance and students like us, get crazy in lecture.

We found out that people such as Angela and Junyu are as crazy as us too! Guess what, Angela was like teaching us the History of vietnam to jerry and I. Angela will use her “You very irritating leh” whenever I say crazy things like ” How to say Hi in Vietnamese“. For one of the lectures, Jerry borrowed Junyu’s “Pearls of the Ocean” and did some chanting thing. Yes, he did it for the whole lecture. Like what Junyu said, he did it for extra protection for the Hungry Ghost Festival.

OMFG, notice jinling and rebecca playing like KIDS, ROFL@THEM..

Jerry’s gay hand, there was a red star in the mint box thingy, whoever did that, seriously please own up. If I remember correctly, suspects will include angela, junyu, her friend, kaming, daryl, seng and sam? Oh, bekka and jinling too. I almost choked on the red star.

Hell i look emo but no, its an effect on Sheena’s handphone, she did one too but permission wasn’t allowed to be sent let alone post it.

Then, Jerry, Sheena and I sort of went all the way to Main Library to mug a little. I forgot when is it but I think it’s on Thursday. It was the day we were addicted to the song “Apologize”. From the biz blocks all the way to Mcdonals, we were doing the retarded Timbaland’s background singing thingy. We were thinking how effing retarded he was when he name it Apologize(Featuring One Republic). The whole song was practically sung by One Republic not him, what he contributed was the moaning at the back. His MTV is worse, showing off while doing that moaning thing. Like what the rest says “Timbaland Owns Himself”.

Alright, as usual, we made fun of timbaland all the way to the library, found a little spot at Quiet Zone and started to “mug”. It was successful while it lasted. Until both of them broke down.

Heena dozed off while I borrow her notes to copy, just a few lines of crap.

Jerry dead too.(sorry didn’t ask permission :()

We swore not to return to that area again because of one big reason :


Everyone there was as quiet as a mute. Sheena was wondering what would happen if someone farted, wouldn’t that person be totally exposed? Too bad for us, we had to control our voices, laughter, burps and farts. We had to sing without our voices, depending on the non-verbal facial expression to convey messages lest the rest of the “mutees” stare at us.

One more thing about the library, the first level stinks like no body’s business. Too many books I guess.

We then went back and do the usual stuff, a Lecture I think.

On Friday, here comes the real deal. I came at 10 and saw only Lynette, Yanling and Jerry.

Is this like the most LONELY day or what? I guess everyone’s at home mugging.

We ate, Sheena ate my leftovers, LOL. Lynette love to stress that point so much, LEFTOEVERS. Yes, I was unable to finish the food, and because there was so much things left on the plate, I offered sheena the hungry to eat it. Free food, now who the hell will reject it? We’re in the middle of the Food Cost Crisis! The plate of rice I bought costs $4.70! Yes, to FC6ers its the damn Mediterranean Food.

Jerry and Yanling went to FC6 to photocopy some stuff. We called Jerry and he didn’t pick up the phone. Lynette, Sheena and I decided to go Moberly for some great mugging session but was afraid Jerry didn’t know. We smsed him and made our way there. As usual, the car was an oven of death. Thanks to the sun.

When we arrived there, we saw Jerry’s van, we were surprised why it was there. We then made our way to Moberly but unfortunately, it’s closed. It was 10 minutes until opening hours. So we camped outside the Moberly, which we use the word “Foresty” to describe because it was so not Singapore. There was trees, plants, flowers everywhere. Lynette and Sheena then went to clear the table using tissue papers, lots of them, significant efforts was put into making it a good place to study. For 10 minutes, the wind was inconsistent. As girls, they were pissed as it made their hair messy. As a guy, I loved the wind because it reduced the temperature, I was as usual, perspiring like hell. We then went up and checked for seats and to our surprised, it was FULL. Like wtf? It was full of laptops on the table, freaks playing computer games or something. So we went back to our forest.

We went back to the seats and made ourself confortable. Now, we seriously need the wind to come. We found a little secret of the wind. Whenever the wind stop blowing, all Lynette have to do was to complain about the bloody heat and there you go,free wind. We also have ants problem. It was irritating. Jerry came and then we decided to go Main Library.

We seperated into two groups and there we go, a little convoy all the way to Business library. Lynette was like wanting me to park under the shades, fortunately we found one. Jerry have to find a good spot. I and Lynette walked all the way to the Main Library to find that IT IS BLOODY CLOSED??! The staff have like a National Day meeting and its set to open only at 2pm. Thanks for that.

We then decided to go to Starbucks at Holland Village, even though we only have an hour left. Lynette then suggested a nice place to park, it was somewhere near the back. Then there was like an old chair blocking the back, Lynette and Sheena wanted to get off the car and move it but I insisted it was not of a big problem, in a nutshell, JUST LEAVE IT THERE! As expected, the chair was like 0.1mm away from my wheel, this is what I call, pure precision.

We went to Starbucks, got some drinks and it was great, the best place to study is now Starbucks. Too bad they have the Please Do Not Study During Peak Periods rule. I bought Vanilla and they were like wtf why you buy Vanilla, they said it wasted like milk. But, I love milk 🙂

After 15 mins or so, we went back to school. It was redundant but nice exploratory experience. I had to sit for my Gems test so did Lynette. Sheena wasn’t in a rush, so she deelidaleed.

Gems test was retarded, copied and paste from the notes, did junior calculations and off I go.Since Sheen was also concidentally done after that, then we went uphill to FC6, Jerry came along. To our surprise, there was 0 parking slots left. The bloody carpark was exceptionally full. It was ironic, so less people yet so many cars. I can’t even park illegally because most of the illegal slots were taken up! So, Jerry came and he was also hit by the problem. At first he haolianed “My van very small can find one lah”. Then he went one big round and back he came, I told him “My car smaller than yours also cannot park leh, OWNED”. He then parked near FC4. I parked even more illegally.

We went to MR and it was the last lecture ever! After that we ate at FC6 for awhile and went to Moberly to mug. It was 50% successful and 50% a failure.

While we were there, I think we laughed more than we muted(shit, after sam kept asking me to mute, this word seem to substitute STFU). Highlights were Jerry’s nightwatch friend, Up Yours(I’m Yours) and 7 Things, I think. We kept making fun of things. Sheena almost cried and Jerry’s mature laughter seem to be uncontrollable. I myself cried a little. Sheena even asked why I cried. One of the crap I made seem to make everyone went crazy, I think it’ve got to do with “I’m sorry I went ___ ____ last night” or something like that.

Sheena paniced and went off. In the car, 7 things was the best song to listen. Wtf, they call me pedophile just because I listen to Miley Cyrus and Vannessa Hudgens. I think Sheena said I love the Disney Bitches or something like that. I disagree. I just like their songs!!!

Like what’s so pedophilish about her?

Then I went back to Moberly and carried on mugging. At that time It was only Jerry and I, though we were seriously wanting to study, there was lots of laughter as well which I have no idea why.

After 30mins or so, we made our way to King Albert Park McDonalds. It was a funny ride. At first I told Jerry to follow my lead as I have the GPS, then he sort of stunned for a minute or two thinking how to arrive at the destination. He said he know and told me to drive there myself while he figures out a route there. Oh well, I followed him but at the same time relied on my GPS. On the way there, we were on the road and I have to ask him a question, I unwinded the side window and he did too, while asking him the question the bloody traffic lights turned green and the bloody cars behind horned him. So Jerry sort of showed the finger and drove off. It was a funny experience but it’s very hard to describe the scene. Oh well, worth mentioning.

When we arrived at King Albert Park, we saw the sign “First Hour Free, Subsequent parking costs $1.60”. I was like OMFG? Did we mentioned that we are about to chiong overnight here? Yes we did.

We then settled down at Mcdonalds. We were quite shocked to see that the Mcdonalds was quite packed, it was around 9 at that time I think. I believe the crowd were those from Ngee Ann Poly. We bought some food and had a nice and funny chat about everything under the sun.

15 minutes later, Sam came and settled down too. I was surprised when she bought the KIDS meal, like omg? She’s like a small kid when she opened up the toy and played with it!

Then we were studying seriously for 1-2 hours I think, I’m not very sure how long we went into serious mood but I think Jerry started laughing like hell after playing with my handphone’s dictionary. After that, it was pure relaxing and slacking.

I then went to buy icecream with Sam and she tried to order “Ice Cream Cone without the Ice Cream”. The person who recieved the order, also the supervisor or something went silent and gave a wierd face never seen before, he must be thinking “Err, Ice Cream without Ice Cream… This girl must be….”. That might be the case, then Sam got scared and ordered a normal cone. I ordered a Plain Sundae, like what’s so wierd about it. Yes, it’s plain VANILLA, holy yes my favourite. Sam called me crazy because it is practically a $2 ice cream cone, with a cup.

When we went back to our seats, guess what? She put all the icecream onto my sundae like WTF? She mixed $0.50 icecream with $2.00 ice cream, what you get is a mixed icecream that tastes wierd. I know this makes no sense because both of them are Mcdonalds icecream but…..

She’s like so satisfied after screwing up the icecream.
Her face in this picture is kind of ____.
I have no idea why it was framed this way, honest..

From this point of time onwards, there’s totally no STUDIOUS mood left. All of us started talking, sam started to vandalize the notes, mess up my wallet then jerry started to go crazy like talking wierd stuff. Oh, something worth mentioning is that sam’s IC face is……..omgish. I feel like posting but oh well, sensitive issue 😦

I forgot what happpened after that, most likely crap talking. At about 12.30am or so Jerry sort of went off. I think he don’t want to bear the bloody expensive parking charges and he’s exhausted too I guess.

What happens after that was pure funnage, it was time to explore Singapore. Sam was like the usual, “Are you serious?”. YES I AM SERIOUS. At first we have nowhere to go, then Orchard came into our mind, but as usual as her paramomia goes, she asked which shops are open at this time?! Who the hell says we’re going shopping?! So we chionged to Orchard, I have to pick sis up there anyway. On the way there, I had an urge to go to the toilet, not the big business but the small one. It was distracting, for that few minutes I’ve never felt so much hate for the traffic lights before. Traffic lights kept going red while my urgency kept getting worse and worse. Eventually my heart lead myself to Centre Point. We parked the car there for a while and I ran to the toilet. Seems like the toilet is the best place to be in the world when nature calls. Then after that, Sam got crazy, she wanted to DRIVE! Not really drive actually, but she wanted control of the steering wheel. K lor, Ient her the sterring wheel and hell she sucked at driving! LOL!

At first our next destination was errr, Clarke Quay? But my sister called and say I can fetch her already, so I U-turned around cathay and waited for her at Centrepoint. After that we made our way to Mcdonald drive-thru at Ang Moh kio. Sam said she have never been to Ang Mo Kio before, like what the? Oh well, it’s so damn far from her “area” just like how alien the MUG area is. Sis bought fillet o fish meal. After collecting the fish burger and stuff, I drove off and Sis said there is no drink and no free olympic cup thing. Went back to get it and the person said I drove off too quickly, LOL!

I then made my way home after that, it was a long ride, and I didn’t know the distance between Mcdonalds and home is that far. When we reached home Snoopy is already asleep but we woke him up because we have a guest and there was a competiton going on, who’s cuter? Snoopy or CoCo? Then sam was like IN LOVE with snoopy and vice versa. It’s a wierd thing that Snoopy didn’t bark at her. I think because she have the dog smell or something. Snoopy was like very very high, never seen him that high except before that time he wanted Jerry to do it with him,LOL! Bid goodbye to sis and snoopy and next destination, CLARKE QUAY.

Awwwww, how can you leave him there alone?

The ride there was rediculously long, I think I missed a turn or something, THANK GOD FOR GPS! Sam doesn’t have a sense of direction too.

Was almost lost but we found Central waiting for us. It was a scary process to park the car, the 5 storeys of spiral dealt serious injury to my mental state. By the time we reached the top, I was totally dizzy but still managable. When we saw a car leaving, we knew we were crazy. People are leaving and we’re entering. It was like 3.30 at that time!!!!

Parked the car and went all the way down. It was like ghost town. Except for some clubber people loitering around and some wierd people sitting by the river, on the floor. Walked all the way to somewhere in front of the skyline, too bad the lights are not turned on, if not it will be a spectacular sight to behold! So we sat there for an unimaginable amount of time till 5 and HOME SWEET HOME.

The drive home was…..Pathetic. My eyes can barely open, was too lazy to bathe and went to sleep, Dirty I know but…….. I can barely move!

And I slept till 2.30pm, ha!

On Saturday, it was National Day. As I mentioned I slept till 2.30, what happens after that was purely random. I watched TV and waited for the national day celebration to begin. People kept complaining oh, its the same every year and things like this but I disagree, like how different can things be? But I do agree those kids performance crap were terrible. Loved the fireworks and aerial stuff. We then have dinner at the relocated cantonese restaurant after that.

It was nice, we had a private room like wow, I thought those were only available in HK as seen from those dramas.

We talked and eat and talk and eat and talk and eat. It was fabulous, the had the BEST PRAWN EVER I SWEAR. This is the first time we’ve tried the prawns, totally blasted me away. Too bad it tasted wierd after a while 😦

Jamie didn’t like shark fin so I had an extra bowl, omg nice.



Didn’t have chance to take much photos because we were eating away, I think we have some photos in Sis phone, might upload in the future, cya!


Gonna Update on other stuff soon! Cya! Bye!

  1. holy crap. my eyes. my brain. ughhhhh. but at least you updated :]

  2. huh wat thing mint box red star?? i catch no ball eh. ><
    n wow! dats a super long post!! n hor. u spell jinglin name wrong again. careful later she yell at u again if she sees dat. l0lx!!

  3. Hi, this is called wall of text. And ya, suddenly, im inspired. So take many pictures of me and post them. Unglam, paparazzi style, anything. If it doesnt show my mucus flowing or my privates showing then by all means.

  4. woots.. nxt time call me along to study…=) seems soooo FUN!!!

  5. lol. i still think COCO is cuter(: anyways i put e star in>.<

  6. Nice post. I just glanced through it. Maybe I can really read it later

  7. omg, damn long mighty long post! oh randomness, i think vanessa hudgens gt a nice voice:) she can sing well! err, okay, study hard, gyver! 😀

  8. @sheena, errrrrrrrrr, you want an update and you get it, now complain WTF?! But I agree, my eye got burnt while I was typing the whole damn thing! lol!

    @junyu, lol nvm, means you innocent….. Yes, super long! 3000 words!!! aiya jinLING don’t mind one lah, I spelt her name wrong for a few months liao, I think she love it!

    @jerry, It is not a wall of text, it is a wall of CRAP 🙂 I will post them very soon, the mugging sessions allows sheena to take sensitive photos of you, but none of them shows your privates!

    @starshiqi lol! YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO STUDY WITH US, majority of the study sessions ended in a disaster! More like LAUGHING sessions =X But we did learn stuff though. It’s call play some and learn some 🙂

    @sam, you sure or not, do you dream of SNOOPY? lol.. I KNEW IT WAS YOU, only you will want to do such life threatening things, I almost ate it leh, think of what are the consequences will be if I swallow it =0

    @tyminska, stfu SPAM.

    @felicia, YAR, you should do one too!!! Yes she got good voice but I only listen to her one song, which is that “it;s ok” or something. THANKS! you too!

  9. HAPPY STUDYING! i will vanish into the air and be back on 19 AUGUST!


  10. no bekka dont go! then we how sia?

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