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The day started with QANL and it was practically a camwhore session between bekka and jin.

They love their eyes, their mouths, and ears.

QANL is getting boring as time goes by, the more he explained the more blur we’ve become. No. 1 most irritating chapter = Project Management.

During QA, Jin lin got crazy and went trigger-happy.

Whose eyes is this?

Whose ears are these?

It’s none other than jin ling’s, I think.

A message from J to J.

After that it was the commencement of the 5 hour break, for me, that is. MR is canceled and the rest can go home now if they want. Sheena and Jerry stayed back for a while to do some SSM stuff and we went to print it after that. We had a singing session, It almost forced Sheena to put headsets on her ears.

After that, we saw sam at the library and lynette came afterwards. Lynette then went to pass up her ssm and I had to accompany her. Lynette want to take the stars instead of the lift and in the end she herself was also exhausted! Then we were like decided if we should take the stairs or lift down, we took the lift because it was nearer and i know lynette regretted taking the stairs too.

Then there was like some stop cyber bully thingy, lynette was approached so she had to put her thumbprint on a huge sheet of paper. I had to put mine too. After that I had to teach Sam QANL, have to bring my laptopp specifically for this! Actually not really, I bring my laptop everyday. We were stunned by some problems. Sam was like so happy after she knew how to do the decision tree, but later we found out that it is not tested, like OWNED? When we went on to linear crap, everything seem to go wrong, oh well, gotta experiment more!!!

Lynette and I got gems so we gotta go, then sam wanna leave too. But I didn’t go gems in the end because I have the dialogue session at 2.30, at first I had to go but was afraid of the screwed up attendence. Rebecca and Seng Hui then convinced me that an LOA will be provided. So, Goodbye gemmy gems! Ha!

After that, dropped Lynette at t16, which I realized is just next to my gems block which is t17 but wait, I am not going gems ha! Then after that I was like why is Sam still in the car? Oh, she wanted to go Orchard, so ok lor… Upon leaving SP, sam sang or rather made a very very familiar melody. It was so simple yet I was unable to remember it,  it was from some TV commercial. I thought of it for like 15 mins and I am still unable to think of it, it really burnt my braincells. Sam herself was unable to think of it too but I don’t want to give up because it was really really really very familiar. Suddenly I thought of it, it’s from INTEL. Like wtf? Then during the ride there, Sam was unable to find her handphone, she was like omg omg omg omg omg omg omg where is it? Then she kept asking me if I had taken it, well of course I didn’t! Then she tried to call her handphone hoping one kind soul picked up the phone and returned it to her. When calling, she heard a faint faint sound coming out from somewhere. Then she called again and oops, the sound came from my pocket!! I was like laughing out loud, I “forgot” I stole it in FC6. She then had a sigh of relieve. Revenge is sweet!

Halfway to orchard, she said she felt lazy then she don’t wanna go orchard anymore, what a fast mind changer. Then she wanted to head home. Ya so it was like what she mentioned a ” FREE RIDE”, hell no, you owe me dinner. Then she was like very proud of her CoCo because she can sit and shake hands, my snoopy can do it too, HA! But i agree shes cute lah.

After that, the drive back to school was fun, city sight seeing via ECP. Reached back school and picked up bekka and company to the Dialogue session. The dialogue session was a nicely planned one, well, obviously because Minister George Yeo was there. There was some presentation by some group to the Hougang town council thing. Bekka kept folding the paper to different shapes and showing it off to me, she asked for a challenge. In the end, I won by tearing the paper apart 🙂 It was an interesting time, questions asked made sense but I shouldn’t elaborate too much on it here as it will be very boring. Well, Thanks Alice Tang for choosing us! Bekka I and the rest ate some food afterwards and went home! Thanks bekka for the new route home!

Oh, bekka took a picture of her eye too!

  1. haha, i told u COCO was cuteeee!! hee(: ha, thanks for e ride back((: muahaha.

  2. samsam, coco is male or female arh? u told me before but i forget alr. haha.

    bearbear’s eyes bigger than mine lor. shit.

  3. wtf @ you writing every single detail. you forgot to add what you ate on friday. hahaha.

  4. lol why are you writing every single thing you did on friday?

  5. oops, ignore the second comment from me 😀

  6. @sam yeah yeah yeah she’s cute, i want one too, but where to get it?!?!?!?!?!?? no problemo…just remember the dinner 🙂

    @jing, its a sheeeeeee, thats why she is not active one! lol… bears eyes are bigger than you mean? you jealous?LOL

    @sheena, errrrrr…. i ate malay food, remember!!! can i ignore the first one too? LOL!

  7. i think your eyes bigger lei. u see properly.

  8. haha, its a GIRL! haha. duperly cuteee(: just lyk u. oops.

  9. gyver update!! hahahahas!

  10. yes soon soon!!! need time!!!

  11. give me tips

  12. i want tips too please

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