Online Chat Is Fun.

In blog on July 31, 2008 at 12:19 am

Whoever is not online missed out lots of fun. Whoever was there who didn’t think it was fun, well, you don’t deserve the fun! joking.

We should do it more often. BUT, It started with only 3 people, how the hell?!

Sheena’s thinking sideways, PAINFUL is excited.

Rebecca is now a good girl 🙂 She even ask for permission to outburst, how cute is that?!


P.S yes, I know that i blog about every single little thing in the world.

  1. AHAHA i can see my dp!

  2. LOL! excuse me can i outburst?

    hahas! i learn how to control myself already.

  3. time for joy and time for love

  4. @sheena like wtf? OF COURSE because you are in the coversation?!

    @bekka lol! good, next time must remember who teach you how to be good girl hor, don’t forget us. You did well in the lift today, you asked for permission. Good impression!

    @jerry, I agree on time for joy but the time for love isn’t very appropriate. btw this is your best comment ever.

  5. AHAHA i can see my dp TOO!

  6. @jing, errrr, because you were in the conversation too?!?!?!?!?stupidjing!

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