Fun Overdose

In blog on July 31, 2008 at 11:14 pm

Basically after FMA, we decided to go Holland V!And then to Häagen-Dazs afterwards!

At first we sent sam and lynette to collect something, Jerry and his mates went off first. On the way to Holland V, I missed the damn turn and I had to drive one big round to return to the miss turned, quite fun indeed! Well, this is what I call over-reliance on technology( shit, my ssm topic!). Jerry said he depended on his instincts, well, I guess it’s more reliable,no?

Upon arrival, we found that they are hanging out in a coffeeshop. So we ate at the coffeshop, most of them ate nasik lemak while I ate my pathetic carrot cake. Yes, it tastes bland. NaNa and Idy said it’s obvious it sucks because the way I ate it shows a lot. I guess I look very reluctant when eating.

After that, I think we camwhored a little, might be a little serious but seriously, why so serious?

Rebecca shared drinks with Sheena, and Sheena was like OOPS, I think I spit something in it!
Cultural shock. I wasn’t ready, hence that retarded face.

Is my handphone camera that hard to aim? Now only NaNa is in the frame!

Why is there an extra on the right?! I think I have spider sense.

LOL @ bekka. “Is my hair ok??”

Omfg. Sam’s face is totally spastic.

Err, I posted this pic here because Bekka really look like cat and its something worth to showcase. And yes, I am wearing bekka’s ultra black specs, I agree, I look wierd with it.

Bekka loves to do funny faces, the the past she was fast, now she’s slow enough to capture!

Idy fits her role very well!

Jerry is out of the frame, WAWAWEWA!!!

Say Shit!!!!!!!!!

After the coffeeshop, we went to Rock Cold or something because Sam said she would treat everyone icecream, expenses fully paid. Having high hopes, we went there happily, jumpily and with anticipation BUT it was closed. We we not happy. We sort of created a riot outside the cafe and sat around like no body’s business. We could wait until like 11.30 but it doesn’t make sense once I mention our lecture is at 12.

So I think we camwhored a little as well.

There are more camwhore shots but you can proceed to SHERLIM’s blog to see more.

Different emotions!

Then we have a class shot!

THE BEST SHOT EVER!! Except that I closed my eyes.

ROFL. The retards

Very nice, one act-cute,one act-cool.

idy’s same old smile.

Oh, Sour Blossom, shared it with sam and she chose majority chocolate and with RUM. Rum tastes wierd


Sam is like a small kid wanting the devour the whole ice cream

She’s so hungry she wanted to eat the spoon!

The usual camwhorers

The Sour blossomers?

In the end, two pairs were left there because someone was too “full”. Conclusion? Sour Blossom is filling!

We went back to lecture after that and we are not late afterall!

whoever want the FULL pics tell mekthx!

and sam please send me the sony ericsson gang pictures kthx

now everyone comment kthx

  1. i take the act-cute act-cool pic okay! never credit me!
    and i want the group photos!

  2. i want ice cream too!!!!

  3. ah, i lyk e pics! whoo, pls send me((: hee! anyways i can do really stupid retarded and spastic face. thats not e worse. haha. i’ll show u soon((: and the rum is bloody nice! hah

  4. @sheena, eh i also take the pic where you jerry adam nana got their own unique emotions k?and i bet you love that pic so much because you are the focus! alright, i’ll send you the pics not.

    @jing, want ice cream? tomorrow bring you go eat lor….. you have to tell me the location of those uncle icecreams by the roadside because I don’t really know these locations well 😦

    @rudesam you like the pics? Well good because I won’t send them to you unless you give me the fins. I know you can sam, at that was one of the worse, the eyes are the scariest, I think you did it today for no apparent reason, gonna have a nightmare later =0 Alright tell me if you are going to make more, I’ll bring my camera long, HA! The run is BLOODY nice? No wonder i can taste some blood when you told me to try it, DAMN! samisevil ok i didnt taste blood on it, it just tastes wierd.

  5. haha. wat i look like cat. u take too fast liao la. i not prepared lor. =D

  6. You really look like cat leh.. Catbekka…. Yes, I think i’m faster now, because i am determined to take your cat face, i practice at home leh!

  7. ya i agree rebecca looks like a cat . i was laughing when scrolling down. cant help my laughter . HAHAHA . send me the pics dude .

  8. eh!. i don look like cat la. is only some views!!!.. haha

  9. ur car can squeeze 4 more ppl ma?=X

  10. omg the ice cream look so tempting~ im hungry! hahahas!

  11. @idy lol funny pictures indeed!! I also laughed alot, esp at bekka cat face.

    @reb, YOU DO! Like every angle, seriously, lol!!! But you scared cat hor?

    @shiqi, can! dont forget the boot!! oh wait, its reserved for SAM! LOL!

    @junyu, yes its tempting,who ask you dont come, lol!! vanilla is best!

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