Pasta Cartel @ Changi

In blog on July 30, 2008 at 8:49 pm

Five to Six Days ago, my sister went to Thailand, so I fetched her to the airport, it was a fun experience but was tiring as well, the drive there took like 15-20mins on the highway.

Changi, Here I Come!

Alright there is no such thing as Pasta Cartel @ Changi, this post is just a combination of the outing to Pasta Mania, Cafe Cartel and Changi Airport. Gotta start on the changi airport one first!

As mentioned earlier, a few days ago, I sent my sis to the airport as she is going to Thailand for a holiday(which she have already returned safely :)) . I don’t know why, but whenever I enter the airport, there is a strange feeling, the same old “exclusive” feel, I have no idea why. I guess because it is an ang moh haven or something, or maybe because we get to meet people from all over the world.

Alright here are some pictures.

Yes, I wore slippers, NOW WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!

My sis, feeling so excited.

My mum is also excited.

And oh, did i mention at that time it was like 4 in the morning? That’s the reason why I didn’t look so excited. It was tiring like hell enough to drive to the airport, it’s even worse trying to act active and happy 😦

We then went to a nearby Mcdonalds at Tampines, it was really a stranger place, without the beloved GPS, my driving skills would be nothing! Joking on the driving skills part, WHY SO SERIOUS?(Jerry’s favourite quote which I feel, makes no sense at time)

Then after that, I went to school feeling so bloody tired, if I remember correctly, sheena came early that day too, but only 20 mins early, which means I am alone for the 1 and a half hour.

Going on to the PASTAMANIAC next..

NANA was the pastamaniac. She chose pasta mania because that’s the only thing she can eat… I THINK.

Wait, just how did we ended up eating in PASTA MANIA? It was seriously one of the most impromptu decision ever made.

1. SSM ended.
2. We were bored
3. Sheena and Rebecca left us alone in SSM
4. Jerry and I decided to hang out in FC6 for awhile
5. We were bored because Jerry had a vehicle but didn’t have anywhere to drive to.
6. We spotted NaNa and asked her a casual question which is if she wanna eat out.
7. She was high and she agreed, so she asked the rest along.
8. The rest except Sherlim was unavailable, the rest have like FAMILY DINNERS. I know, I know, Family first!
9. We gave them a paid ride to the MRT. (Yes, combined passenger fee is 12.00)
10. We drove to Suntec, having to suffer the ERP charges.

Now that’s a small summary set in point form!

So we had a little convoy, One van and a car. Nana sat with me and sherlim sat with Jerry. Our vehicles stopped neatly behind the white stop line. Our engines Revved. Stares were exchanged. The moment the light turned green, the accelerator pedal suddenly felt intense pressure. The engines burnt the fuel and converted it to kenetic energy and off we go, we were off to Suntec.

The ride to Suntec was ultra fun. We exchanged stupid faces and not to mention, middle fingers. Some V signs if I remember correctly. Then NaNa and Sherlim tried to take photo of each other from different vehicles but the windows were too tinted :(. Then NaNa suddenly wanted to camwhore, both of us tried to fit into the camera but it was too difficult, NaNa didn’t know how to use my camera and took photos with only me on it.

What the? I didn’t know there was some number on the back of the rear mirror!

Actually, we have some good shots on NaNa’s phone, just that she’s too lazy to transfer it to the computer and send me. Will put it up once she send it to me.

In general, I had to slow down for Jerry! I was flashed and overtaken for a few times, bloody drivers on the road. Then we went past the Singapore Flyer, NaNa didn’t know it moves.

Next, Next, Next….Oh, when we arrived at the Foutain Of Wealth, we were like lost because I don’t know which carpark to park, so we went round the circle like twice I think. After we parked, NaNa said she had a headache, LOL!

We didn’t really know what to eat at first because NaNa was unable to eat so many things. We walked and walked until NaNa said Pastamania. The moment she said that, I knew she was a PastaMANIAC.

We settled down, ordered food and while waiting we had a little chat. The service was exceptionally fast, and thanks Sherlim for telling me to collect the soup myself. I ordered some baked rice, specially recommended by the chef. It tasted great. NaNa, Sherlim and Jerry ordered pasta I think. I think we did some camwhoring, excluding Jerry the Camera Shy.

Advertising for some unknown brand sauce.

The WTF shot, wierd faces everywhere.

And that’s all for pictures. We aren’t that much of a camwhore anyway!

Here’s NaNa’s macoroni thingy.

We went to Ben And Jerry for a while after that for a little chat. We talked about future class outing locations. Things like visiting haunted houses came into my mind!

Nana want to go mind cafe, sherlim want to clubbing and Jerry gave no suggestions. Oh wait, I think he mentioned Pulau Ubin! He said cycling in Pulau Ubin is a fun thing to do

Apparantly, as talkative as we are, we talked about quite a few things but Sherlim have to chiong her RWPS, so we gotta go separate ways!

Nana went with Jerry and Sherlim came with me, babysat Jerry all the way to dover then dropped sherlim somewhere near her home. On the way, Sherlim was like consulting her friend, well, all I can say is that she is a good consultant!! Anyone got problem can consult her!! Just joking. On the way we saw a man like trapped in the expressway. He was standing on the Chevron between two merging lanes. REALLY REALLY Pathetic Sight, we couldn’t do anything. And when Sherlim dropped off, a Chinaman immediately asked her for directions, she said that Chinese guy talked to her in english as he assumed she doesn’t talk chinese. Well, Assumptions can be sooooo wrong. I look like chinese but I don’t speak chinese WELL.

That’s the end of the Pastamaniac day.

Hmm, next it was the trip to Cafe Cartel on tuesday. As usual, it was not really well planned out. As SSM was cancelled. So we have like 3 hours to spare!

The first few 10-20 minutes, Jerry, Sheena and the rest were “manhunting” for meenah, from what I read from Sheena’s blog. Sheena, Bekka, Jing ling, Jerry, Adam and I then proceeded to Cafe Cartel as the rest cannot make it as they already bought their food, such as waste!

On the way there, it was like a singing practice for me, Sheena and Adam. Well, we practically sang all the way to IMM. Sheena’s act-child voice was ultra deafening. Adam didn’t sing very loud.

The moment we arrived there, we thought of CAFE CARTEL. It was simply too delicious the last time so we came back for another!

Alright less words more pics!

Jinglin and Bekka, Bekka smiling softly

Adam and sheena having a good time making fun of the food menu.

No pictures of me..and Jerry, because it will be real gay to like you know take photos together.

It was fun, talked about many things, ESPECIALLY BORAT. Bekka, Jerry, Sheena and I were like laughing away at Borat jokes while Adam and Jin Ling catch no balls!! Hilarious shit!

After that, the rest went home while Adam and Sheena resumed our singing lessons.

We went to the FMA tutorial feeling bloody bored, most of the people went home and only idy, fel, nana and the other of them were there. Listened to lecture and camwhore a little after that, Idy forced me to take photos. Let Felicia post the pics!!!


  1. what am i suppose to comment on?

  2. What am I suppose to comment on?



  3. LOL, it’s tobasco sauce lah.

  4. WAWAWEWA!!!!

    i know lor…abit. haha

  5. Bekka, you should focus more on SEXY time not High-five, that one leave it to jerry.

    @sheena, what the hell is tobasco sauce? sorry, I don’t really eat pasta much!

    @jing, holy molly hell, I can imagine you saying that!!!! Ok what is Yasmashz?

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