Idy says

In blog on July 29, 2008 at 4:09 pm

We are in FMA lecture right now doing shit. She said i am singing Emotions by Bee Gees and sheena is also on msn chatting with me. Like Wtf? The best day ever….NOT.

Its a sad thing Felicia and NaNa went to buy food without us, no chicken cutlet no more. Ultimate Dissapointment indeed. Omfg  I feel so damn lame right now.
Sheena is now like watching me type this shit, giggling for no apparent reason. Serious, is she mad or what? I have no idea why I am continuing this blog post.

Seriously, what the hell is this post for anyway? Kristna is now saying Test…. walking to the left OHP and saying “what we have done is budgeting for a trading firm which binds and sells selling goods. Today i am going to take oyu thru a manufacturing firm where the business can you please close your magazines they business in the nature of manuf”

WORST post ever.

Oh, felicia and nana is back.

  1. Somehow this is actually pretty funny =/

  2. Well because you are involved in it!!! Sheena’s getting crazy, lol! the sing-alongs are pretty funny too, too bad no record! Where is the love, yo????!!

  3. LOL, lucky never record lah!

  4. hahah wad! lol. so random post, i post yur ugly pics ah! hahahah! camwhorer! :p

  5. this is so random …. but funny too. =)

  6. excuse me, we went to e ladies!!!! lol


  8. hey bitch ! *takes camera and camwhore with a sily face .

  9. @sheena, it’s TOO bad no record, I’ll post it all up over the world!

    @fel, yes, it’s RANDOM. It’s like idy suddenly tell me to blog, then when kristna talk I just type whatever he says down, esp the PUT YOUR MAGAZINES DOWN part! I am not camwhorer, idy is my master, she force me to!

    @jing, yes! which part is funny sia!?

    @nana, you really went to the ladies? you guys were like planning a feast even before you guys go, i heard! Then I asked for something western and you called me crazy!

    @nana2, nothings going on, keep studying your FMA.

    @idy, who’s calling who bitch! yes, camwhorequeen!

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