Ultra-Late Night Woes

In blog on July 25, 2008 at 3:42 am

The current time is:

And no, it’s not going to update on its own.

Though I don’t kena this so often, its very irritating to be honest. Well, I slept at 5pm and woke up at like 3am in the morning? That’s like 10 hours? Why can’t I sleep at least 2-3 hours more, o m f g . Yes, I’ve been ultra exhausted since the bloody UCCD lecture, it was dry and boring and I was seated away from all the action 😦 MR was even worse, I think Alice Tang saw my head facing down for like 30 mins but thank god she didn’t like call my name, if not, it will be really disastrous, she would have to call me a few dozen times to wake me up, that is the bad kind of attention no one wants.

Actually, it was pretty hilarious, well, I woke up a few times and well, saw adam and Idy alternating their sleeping positions. Like when I was awake 5 mins ago and took a look, adam was sleeping, 5 mins later, took a peep at my surroundings and Adam was awake while Idy was sleeping, I have no idea, it kept happening, it might be just a dream. Oh, thanks to Sherlim for typing the things down for me!!!

Now why am I so damn exhausted? Because I woke up at 4am to send my sis to the airport, with her friends. She’s going to thailand for a little holiday, and well, take care and have fun! No pictures to take because she took the camera with her!!! AHH.

Alright, this is the part where I will really have nothing much to say but… I still have 6 hours to school. What the hell should I do? Knowing myself too well, going to sleep again is a very “economically unfeasible” decision to make because it will prolly take an hour or two to get to sleep. I think I am going to be very energetic in school today, will I?

Ok, That’s it. I am going to play around with the world clock. Well, maybe I can learn a little something from it?

Here’s the world clock from

Kinda cute I would say.
After doing some analysis, These are my findings:
New York is like exactly 24 hours ahead of us? I didn’t know that seriously?

Now what the hell is KamChatKa? Is that one of the most unknown city names or what?

Alright it’s getting boring, now I’ve to either force myself to sleep or sing a song to myself to sleep, it’s seriously too early for these mind-intensive activites.

Goodbye, and Good Morning!

  1. I M EARLY TOO! =D

  2. an average person takes 7 minutes to fall asleep.

  3. @rebecca, your EARLY is not as EARLY as mine! your earliest is 4 only right!

    @shhhheeeena oh really? my average is 30 mins, really!!

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