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In blog on July 23, 2008 at 9:25 pm

My psp. I think he wants to say something.

And I think he meant his ass.

Yes, he is still alive, whoever thought it was really broken (Sheena and ShiQi), you’re PUNK’D…NOT. You guys are just owned, seriously, especially sheena, she almost broke down, apparantly because Borat was in it. If you guys don’t know what Borat is, google it and you’ll find millions of results. Jerry, Sheena and I belong to the Singaporean Borat FanKlub. As at of 8:31pm, Borat might be having a sexy time.

Today’s morning was raining scarily, just like doom’s day.

Ironically, that merz cab have an ultra auspicious license plate. I like.

Could have been a better shot if not for the fast change of traffic light, no time for a retake

Anyways, today was practically a better than average day at school because everyone is down down down down and down. Well, it sorts of get better after the break. Well, sam was ultra emo, so don’t worry and be happy. Jerry was also hard hit, he rarely laughed today, especially during FMA tutorial, he didn’t get any happier until he visited or in better words, stumped upon some sexytime website. Sheena was ultra, well, high, for no apparent reason, she wore specs today and well I told her she looked much friendlier this way, she didn’t agree or disagree, she just… Well, did nothing, I think. Rebbecca was also in a bad-state, her neck was in pain I think, we believe was due to her improper sleeping posture but she didn’t concur with us! She said she won’t move an inch during sleep, which we seriously lol’d because who doesn’t move during sleep and how would they even know?! But she insisted that she slept and woke up in the same position, well, Rebbecca, time to install your own CCTV!!! GHAHA!

After that, we did some mr with Mr Teamates, was kinda fun. We’ve got lots of ideas but at the same time, LOTS of objections, well, I think that was one of the most intense project meeting ever. The worst type of question to design was the damn diCOCKtomous question, in other words, a yes or no question. Idy gave a suggestion and it killed all our questions, ghaha, it was great fun to debate. Felicia was also stumped. Afterwards, there was a heated debate with sam regarding the bulleting, but in the end she won…NOT. Afterwards was lecture, pretty boring I would say. Then it was endschool after that.

I stayed in school with Sheena for awhile while she waits for her prince to rescue her, well, we had a nice little chat about LIFE. omg, that sound so familiar eh, meenahs?

Went home straight after that, took only 20 minutes thanks to good traffic conditions.

At night, about now, my parents bought dinner back and well, it was bloody filling. Had to eat some cherry.

And something random, I knew UCCD was true when my mum was preparing the flowers for some praying thingy, especially the auspicious number thing. Apparently she have got 8 flowers which will have to be split to two flower pots, she told me 3 flowers on one side and 5 flowers on one side and it adds up to 8. Being curious and not very sensitive to the auspicious number thingy, I asked why not 4 one side and 4 another side, then she told me its inauspicious because its Die() Die(死) for both sides. Now I wonder who thought of all these things.

Now, some pictures of the past few days and some description too!

Project day was July 20.

The day sam ran in the car park like red riding hood and reminds her of her childhood and the day nana said she wanted to be a model just by wearing an oversized jacket.

Some pics taken by Photgrapher Sam.

Nana loves to take photos

Act photogenic

“A Few Days Ago” Sam took picture of a sign “A Few Days Ago” and it turned out blur, bad photographer.

I know who the legs the belong to, but I have no idea whose leg was that, the left side one. omg sam captured a spirit!!!!!!

Some shots by Photographer Me.

Jerry’s middle finger plus ultra beng face. Notice how adam look at the camera, like his gang member saying “Yes, Up yours too”

Jerry’s unsatisfied expression “DA PAI JIANG EH”. Don’ piss jerry off, seriously.

Could have been a good shot, sam promoting some kind of thing. turned out blur =X

Jin Ling always love to act cute, ALWAYS. Now you look more than a pig than human!!

thats all…………………….

gonna be school at like 7 tomorrow so you know what to do if you are THAT early too..3 hours of my life wasted!!!!!

  1. hi. i think it’s a nice post.
    lots of insight. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. hi nice post
    with interesting insight
    Very nice!

  3. wtf are you a blog critic now? thanks for comment anyway, nothing to say,seriously!

  4. LOL. i love all the photos. esp adam’s expression. WTH???haha

  5. Must see who is the photographer who managed to capture the MOMENT! yes, that was priceless, jerry’s member

  6. first! omg. cherry berries. commented as required.

  7. omg im not first?

  8. heh, sheena is not first, first to read not first to commeta! and what you mean commented as required -_-

    sheena hear cherryberry so high liao =0

  9. V sign please to all the stupid projects . haha . see im writing you a comment luh . anw when did your wordpress become so popular alr ? ahaha .

  10. anyway,

    1. i did not break down kthx. untruthful reporting. tsktsk.

    2. if you say your psp’s battery compartment is its ass, and you say its battery compartment is screwed, that means your psp’s @$$ was screwed? =OOO

  11. haha. stop e psp things pls. it’s really making me feel super dups guilty!!! ugh. and yeah i think i’ve been acting really emo for e past days. i’ll be happy tml k?

    anyways e pic full of foot is URS mine and bear. how cud u not rmbr ur own? lol. plus ure wearing ur infamous slips! haha.

  12. nice one sheena! i caught e joke! hee

  13. @idy, alright you can do a v-sign frenzy then! omg lah idy, don’t mention the “see i wrote you a comment la!” people will think i force you to comment lehh!!!!! I didn’t force you to comment for like a few weeks liao!!! :0

    My wordpress was never popular, idy!

    @sheena, MAYBE YOU DIDN’T but maybe you did, I don’t know, I just guess you might because you’re those similar to rebecca one, very prone to outbursts, especially in the car today while I was turning slowly you shouted for no freaking reason?!?!?!? like WTF?!

    And yes, my psp’s ass is screwed…THANKS TO…well no one 🙂

    @SAM I am not shooting you lah sam, I just want to let the rest know that my psp was ok.. well not really.. but he’s still surviving. I don’t blame you coz you didn’t know THAT earphone belonged to him 😦 And yes, don’t “Act” emo liao, you’ve to be ultra happy and ultra active too you being emo is like… well, affecting everyone! i think.

    I know THAT SLIPPER is mine lah!!!! if you read carefully, I said “to the left”, which means i think is rebecca one, I didn’t know rebecca was there, lol..

    @sam2 errr, well if that made you laugh… then good lor, it is a joke alright, because it didn’t make me laugh, HONEST!! Ok lah, it’s a little funny..(sheena don’t sad k?)

  14. lol sam’s brain not very clean hor…
    gyver, dont be an ass. 😛

  15. PUHLEASE ! you’ve been doing the opposite of what you mentioned instead . haha . Forcing me to do it once every two days . GRRR .


  17. HELLO, NANA.

    Was expecting something more logical from you but who cares?!

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