In blog on July 22, 2008 at 12:30 am

The jams that stole 20-30 minutes of my life everyday.

No time for a full-scale post sorry!(I know nana is waiting for the pics so badly!)

Imagine this everyday!

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  2. I have a suggestion. Install two gantries, one after the other and that should be able to scare away most of the drivers. Put them somewhere in the middle of the jam will be nice. No more cars and no jam.

  3. i wudnt mind being caught in a jam if i have a car seriously. haha. lyk u mention before, can msn, sms, listen music, eat etc.

  4. SHHHHH…. don’t expose what i did in the car! only possible for those stop for 20seconds type of jams..which is the kind of jams which i kena everyday, not very nice if i am late for class……

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  6. i hope you dont mind me posting this for my first post , i found while searching for materials and think its the right site to ask this question, i was wondering if any one on here has any advice on tin sheds, i was thinking of building from scratch but i cant find any info or construction drawings on one,it needs to be around 9 meters x 7 meters with a large door at the front,
    there was a guy who posted here a few weeks back who said he knew of a computer softwear program to design them if he sees this would you please pm me now so i can get back to you or if .any one else has any infomation on them please reply as i have tried googling it but seem to get loads of rubbish, i could also do with some help with the structure parts i have been recomended to look at these zed purlins as i didnt want to use timber for the frame as it will rot in time
    thank you
    n longhirst

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