Who the hell

In blog on July 20, 2008 at 8:29 am

Sleeps at 1am and wakes up automatically at 8am on a Sunday?

Well, screw my auto alarm. And when I mean my auto alarm, it means the body-clock kind of alarm

I should be waking up later like at 11am or something.

Now what the hell am I going to do with the extra 3 hours awake?

edit: Do check out Lost In Paradise by Joanna Wang by playing it on the BOX file sharing thingy at the side, best song ever!

  1. wake up earlier better ma. =D

  2. I know lah, you sleep at 7 wake up at 3 to chiong lah… HAOLIAN!

  3. gyver!! relink me!! xD

    xie xie ni. haha. =]

  4. wow long time no see, how are you, YAN!

    bu ke qi!!

  5. lol. Dk don’t act cute la. Automatic good what. Wah nia. Long time no see your blog also sia. Ps! Now post post some crap =P

  6. ME TOO!

    Hate it when I seriously don’t need to wake up at such wee hours!

  7. you so free go and post an actual post lah lol

  8. @joey wtf act cute? act what? you also no update how to check sia…..UPDATE NOW! POST MORE PICS!!!

    @marcus, ahh, same! anyway to change the bodyclock?

    @sheenaaalikewtfomygod? errr, what is there to elaborate on? i am never free, sheena, FMA fever

  9. Force YOURSELF to sleep! Then when it becomes a habit, it is the BODYCLOCK OF YOURS!

  10. force? my mind is still thinking of how to be a zillionaire!


  11. Seriously, you don’t think of being zillionaire at 8AM in the morning. It will not help! And adding, it is Sunday!


  12. at night lah…..

    really, my mind still bloody active at night, even at like 2am

  13. lol done la

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