Pictures,Pictures, and Pictures.

In blog on July 19, 2008 at 2:09 am

UCCD is officially over, SSM is partially over and RWPS is still at large. RWPS deserves two tight V signs. Seriously.

Today, I shall type as LESS as POSSIBLE due to TIME constraints.
I will post pictures that I had taken and stole from other blogs :0
It is due to the fact that it is much faster to steal than to upload.

Here are some pictures stolen from someone who took so long to post those pics!

Cultural Exchange between Singapore and London

Evil. Can’ stop laughing at this photo, there’s another photo but its damn unglamorous, it will definitely bring the level of my blog to a state of zero-glamorousity!

I think the intense amount of fun made my face spastic. Maybe not, I thinksam’s spell did that I think, I can still feel part of my jaws unable to move.

I have no idea why I posted this here but…Alright, it’s Rebecca’s three statue, worth mentioning I guess.

My breaded chicken at swensens

Jerry’s soup in a bread comes with free batman t-shirt, figgin cool ain’t it?!

The next batch will be those from audtion day, err, the day Sherlim and Lynette and Jerry and Sam sang a song to a judge.



But I thought both of them were one of the most photogenic peeps!

Sheena and Herald being happy.

Follow Your Heart and It Will Lead You To The Answer

JIN LING being emo, trying to make use of what I had taught her.

Frustrated because it didn’t work. One comment “YOUR HARD IS NOT DEEP ENOUGH!”

I think here comes Lynette’s favorite part, photography stuff!

Sheena took this! Well, first attempt, good try.

Sheena made the school look like a forest!

And I took this!! Not really a PERFECT shot but I don’t have any other vantage point to take it from.
Lynette’s Photography Tip #2:
Find a good vantage point =X

The next part of this post will contain some pics from the company event!

This is marcus, this pic is postable right?!

A pic that Marcus took that I think is pretty nice.

One of my favorite shot of the day!

Ultra Yellow building

Vibrant Colors, Marcus will definitely focus on his shoes!

Marcus photographer seh!! Get your own DSLR lah!!!

Just a little picture of me, Marcus is quite a good photographer I must say!

The Eggs.

The bloody nice ikan bilis(however it is spelt)

And the not as nice as the small ikan bilis ikan bilis, in other words,the bigger ikan bilis.


Things. Things that I am allergic to.

Those that are trapped in the trains!

Finally an nice average shot of the day, a little blur because the ball can’t stop moving due to the wind!

Next, It will be about…. The Pizza Hut dinner!

Jerry’s “Follow the Meenahs” act.

Jin Ling’s ultra AC act!
Basically her face turned red after that because we chatted about LIFE! LOL!

Lastly, an empty seat for sam which was never occupied because she was too lazy to leave her house, we were dissapointed but at the same time, pissed….NOT. But yes, sam, I can feel your evil presence.

Next would be the IMM day!

I see myself, JinLing, Jerry and….LYNETTE?!?!?!?

After school Jerry, JinLing, Rebecca and I went to IMM for a little Cartel Craziness

Errr…. I think that’s Rebecca’s silent outburst.
I think she ate too much bread. Too much bread because Cafe Cartel has a free flow of bread thingy. Jerry and I basically spammed the bread, well, it’s FREE FLOW right? The “Don’t Waste Food” sign beside the bread counter became so ironic.

Jinling starting going insane when she made dozens of wierd faeces..i mean FACES.




That’s all, BYE!


Here’s one more middle finger for RWPS!


  2. And at last you post pictures of yourself…

  3. hey, finally u posted a decent post of pictures! haha. yay! i lyk e last pic((: tribute to RWPS! haha, and i still have my writings on ur hand. anyways it aint for e ink to come off lah! my came off instantly u noe… u gotta change ur soap((: hee

  4. HAHA @ your spastic face. And yah you should do picture posts more often :]]]

  5. I look so damn scary. OMG.
    i should stop making those SCARY faces. haha

  6. RWPS is so dead for me too.

  7. and i have uccd presentation coming monday. shit…

  8. not to forget, there’s FMA test. ARGH!!!!

  9. this is the 5th comment.
    can i have the membership card please?

  10. grats gyver, for getting a spammer to comment on ur blog

  11. @marcus, errr, WHY WOULD I WANT YOUR COMMENT ON THIS? Jkjk, ok lah, you have been ABSENT for so long already!

    @marcus2, err, i did post pictures of myself last time before EH?

    @SYMENTHA, that means last time not decent? thanks man, seriously thanks… The writings still there you know why? the pen you stole from me is PREMIUM INK, almost similar to markers, hence, the ink is still there. Now still got some evidence of abuse, so it means there is still time to report to the police. And who asked you to remove the ink stains? It was meant to be some decorative band or something. you better watch out in school.

    @meenahs, lol@ your spastic face too!! i thought my fast few posts also got some picures… Ok lor, I shall bring the camera to school more often, can take more unglam pics.

    @jing12345, application rejected. Full of nonsense. Try again. And yes, SCARY FACES.

    @jerry, thanks, where is my congratulatory flowers?

  12. i dun care. u didnt specify what kind of comments. u just told me it 5 comments. FIVE!!! i did it. so send the card to my house asap. kthks. 🙂

  13. Ok lor, then like that no free delivery liao. have to collect yourself sorry. and grats you are the first!

  14. dk dk =D You look nice pointing middle finger! ..l.. stay cool! Your hand what sia? Ang kong ah! LOL. Nice pictures! Waste i cmi on that day.

  15. You must CREDIT who for the last picture?


  16. did you like edit the pictures i took? cos i dont really rmb it being so nice. i am so humble.

  17. well, MAYBE… I should learn rebekka and tell a white lie i think :()

  18. @defcon, lol, everyone looks a little bit better when they point middle finger, I THINK. That one not my fault, blame the 3rd person that commented on this post!

    @marcus, ok lah THANKS marcus-san

  19. No that isn’t the answer for JOEY! try again!

  20. lol what you mean?

  21. The answer to “you look nice pointing middle finger” …

    It should be becomes of my MAGIC PHOTOGRAPHIC SKILL!

  22. BECAUSE*

    omg! Add one more comment .. such a waste!

  23. LOL, alright, i get what you mean, ok its your magic skills..

  24. LOL. agree! hahahaha. Eh dk, if everyone looks better pointing middle finger, why not everyone in the world instead of waving, we all point middle finger. Even LKY do that. LOL!

  25. well, because it is a BAD sign! If waving was a BAD sign, no one would do it, too bad middle finger is bad.

  26. nice photos gyverrrrrrrr

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