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In blog on July 17, 2008 at 12:40 am

UCCD is over, RWPS, SSM and Bloody Gems is next. Not to mention the damn FMA test is like on 22 July, someone’s birthday! I don’t know but nowadays I feel damn motivated to like err, chiong projects, well, maybe it’s fun to put all your blood and sweat into that one bag of project and watch it turn into money and rainbows. Well, I believe the previous sentence really makes no sense but I guess it’s just a bad choice of words =X

(Shows how serious school work can turn into an art masterpiece when you ignore its rules and get creative….NOT)

Anyway, today was a fun day at at school. Because of two first evers:

  • accidentally got to sit with Sam in lecture =0
  • accidentally got into Sam and Jerry’s karaoke practice, and Rebecca is involved too!

The day started quite boring and dull. QANL and stuff… Nana kept showing off her “MUSCLE” :0, she’s also a victim of HP/Compaq’s no screen error. Then it started to heat up when it comes to the UCCD presentation, our group did QUITE well, I guess. Some of them indeed laughed at the more or less “funny” stuff on the PPT. Overall, it’s quite OKAY. Rebecca put in lots of effort but she still outburst a little! Yum Seng!

Afterward, we went to FC6 for lunch. Was fun, Fel, Idy and i ate katsu-don or whatever it is, the one with the chicken underneathe the egg, that’s what Idy say the difference between two of the chicken meals. And the fried prawn taste like *.

today is a good day. <– Jinglin loves bearbear deardear

Afterwards, I think it was lecture, first it was SSM. It was a long long discussion and Rebecca wanted to be home at first, but due to peer pressure, she stayed! We wanted to listen to some music but don’t have ear phone, so we borrowed Amber’s one which was like LIME GREEN. It is bloody obvious, then Meenah and Jerry or adam was using black ones, which is very well camoflauged. Then rebecca only know the song”明明白白我的心 “. I know people will wonder why we got time to listen to song in lecture, because i lost the bloody NOTES! Then bekka started to play some tick-tag-toe, using trial and error methods to beat me, which both us know how to win the game within 3 strikes. After that, rebecca does random stuff like writing words all over her paper, this is what we call a silent outburst. After the lecture had ended, Jerry ran to Felicia after her friend left I think.

Then the moment of truth had arrived, jing ling came and sit with rebecca and the only seat empty was..beside sam! I knew something bad was going to happen.

As many things happened, I will write everything in POINT FORM.

  • sam pencil lost, blamed me
  • helped her write notes but she said my handwriting sucks =0
  • sam ezlink looks very cheena
  • she got a weapon in her pencil case/box, murder tastes good to her too!
  • wanted to cut her shoes into pieces but didn’t in case she raises her voice and made me deaf
  • sam took the pride of my hands away once again by drawing a flower bracelet on my left hand and drawing two rings on my figer with one that have “SHIT” on it. drew a few poem on my hand too, but they don’t rhyme very well, sam is a bad poet.
  • omg…
  • Please don’t say my hand is hairy, it’s just, natural…
  • stole my psp, my ds and 50 dollars notes

There’s more but I don’t have the time to list every single thing down! Anyway yes, it was FUN! Well after school we went to bekka’s house for some karaoke practice as Sam and Jerry is going to join some Talentine thing. Ok lah, their voice is good but I think lynette voice better, but I think its due to her past experience like CHOIR? I can’t believe rebecca can sing too, we were about to join the talentime too but it was too late!

So jerry sam and I went to swensens after that because bekka was too lazy to follow us. Actually no, she want to accompany her brother for dinner so its just the three of us. Had a fun chat and dinner and went home after that, let sam blog about it as the pictures are all inside her little phone.

Anyways, got my laptop back but.. It’s still slow as hell but usable.

Lynette’s Photography Lesson 1: Depth of field!!
See the blur blur thing at the front of the laptop? THAT’s DOF!

  1. OMG! am i the first??

    and i cant believe you didnt delete that line that i type. LOL..

  2. You have to be the first what, you say if i don’t delete the line you will be the first one! if not jerry will be liao… i didn’t delete coz bekka is my friend, later you complain to her I will like kena scolded =X

  3. lol!! test test.. keep bleeding keep keep bleeding

  4. test test. fuck u…

    keep bleeding.
    keep keep bleeding

  5. aiyo. bearbear dun scold vulgarities lei. must be nice…ok? i love you bearbear. always. forever.
    and ever

  6. i love you too lingling. always. forever
    and ever

  7. LOL, gyver now your blog become a love letter!

  8. Thanks for the compliment but I can’t beat Sam’s voice, that’s for sure. I admit defeat, hands down. haha! Her voice is way way too powerful. =) And she’s from CHOIR too.

    I’ll have to drop by your blog often for my photography lessons now. haha!
    Since you’re so nice to charge for free, i shan’t say you look like teddy bear anymore.


  9. okay hello i am here to comment.

    happy not!??!?! HAHA.

    don’t say i never read your blog okay.. i read, but never comment nia.

    seeya in school!

  10. i love you

  11. hello gyver.

    congrats. finish our ssm and uccd report today. GONG XI NI!!!
    can understand? LOL.

    i hope ur food taste nice. 🙂 and ur 7up too.

  12. er that jerry is maybe another jerry.. I don know whose that. Anyway, yes limited is da man!

  13. wtf.

  14. @jin and rebec, you are both jinglings lah. Rebecca don’t say the F word one, and jingling loves rebecca but rebecca doesnt love jingling!

    @sheena1, its a self-written love letter by desperado jing.

    @lynette, lol maybe, her voice is damn HIGH when she laugh, i guess that shows her voice is strong! wah you two choir why dont join together, wouldnt the chances be higher?! oh wait, jerry voice also not bad =X well, i didn’t say FREE OF CHARGE! and just now you still call me that -_-

    @sherlim, thanks lah! I very happy, xie xie! cya in school!

    @jerry1, You are Jin, once again. Jerry won’t say that one because the one he loves is……………..Well, who knows?!

    @jing, thanks ok? But I am not your ssm and uccd group, why you say OUR? lol i understand, it means congratuations. Mine tastes superb, i seriously hope yours taste good, because it doesn’t really look good. but hell, never judge something by it’s cover!

    @jerry2, i know, yes limited is da man indeed, must see who founded it mah!

    @meenah2, wtf what? wtf?

  15. I try use fake mail to comment. TEST TEST!

  16. I try use fake email to comment. TEST TEST!

  17. Eh! can liao lei. anyway tis is the real rebecca. haha

  18. congrats rebecca!!! i think your email too long or something!

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