Template Stuff And to let off Steam

In blog on July 14, 2008 at 12:13 am


Stress level has peaked and subsided. Rushed the damn projects and finally completed two of them, hell, RWPS was irritating. However, I still have SSM and GEMS left. So, here I am to blog a little.

Was blog surfing when I came across my own blog’s snapshot thingy. Just take a look at the tags! Witchcraft, Subaru WRX and SHEENA?! lol!

What a nice mix indeed!

But my blog was never meant to be associated with these words!

  1. wtf.

  2. uh-huh…

  3. oh anyways, i was here((:

  4. bye gyver.

  5. ok. Gyver FORCE me to leave a comment. so here i am. đŸ™‚


    stop tapping my shoulders đŸ™‚

  6. HAHAH, jinglin damn funny lah. why hello gyver! lynette said u look like a teddy bear today! LOL

  7. @sheena, wtf at what?!lol
    @sam, hmm-HMMMM(uptone)
    @sam2, I KNOW you are here (((((::::::
    @sam3, bye sam! that was fast!
    @jin lin, i forced you to leave a comment? like WTF? I only teach you how to post comments on WordPress blogs using Firefox! And it wasn’t me, either idy or imaginary friend!
    @felicia, i don’t really know why she hello me also, but i guess it’s basic manners, and felicia didn’t say hello! Lynette really said that? SHE IS SO…DEA…ummm nothing…I am so not going to wear that poor little jacket again….NOT! the weather nowadays is colder leh, got excuse to look like a…”teddy bear” omg.

  8. YES GYVER? am i going to be so DEA……? LOL. so are you going to dump the jacket aside just because i said you look like a teddy bear? but hey, it’s the truth what. i just THOUGHT you look like a teddy bear in that jacket. teddy bears are ADORABLE (not referring to you.) x)
    Fel, you’re way faster than me, commenting on my behalf ar… LOL.

  9. NO! I am not going to dump the jacket just because you said that! Evilness, lynette. I thought you were a kind soul, so I though you those photography stuff but now what did i get in return?! đŸ˜¦

    felicia is good lah, she told me the truth, if not I will not know lynette say i look like a freaking “teddy” ?!?!??!?!lol..

    going to wear it to cover formal wear heh!

  10. what u want me to write?

  11. I Finally can post already! GYVER here i am.

    anyway thanks for buying and helping my find my pencil.

    PLEASE DO NOT PUT MY PHOTO- they look so stupid. haha

  12. oh, poor jacket.. and when did you taught me about photography? haha! i dont remember.
    I’ve always been evil all along, just that you didnt know. LOL. the teddy is not FREAKING.

  13. DEPTH OF FIELD? I give you comments on your photos leh!!!!!!!!! Indeed, your truecolors are exposed, you are not the old lynette we all used to know! is it FREAKING when you accuse people of looking like a FREAKING “teddy”

  14. Finally i get to comment. I am using my brother’s computer now

    Thank gyver for buying and helping me find my pencil!

    Anyway can u DON put my photo in your blog? they look stupid!

  15. WAHHH.. your blog sooo HOT!! =X sooo many ppl come SPAM U DE AR?=X

  16. lol narlee you hot, the more the merrier mah!!!

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