In blog on July 4, 2008 at 12:48 am

Was too bored so I decided to create a list of “what-happens” today.

  • I scored quite well for MR( meenah/sheena should not comment on this!)
  • Jerry scored the highest *shock*
  • The winekone video was funny to everyone except jerry.
  • Amber gave a 8/20 (should be a 8/30) to her student 😦
  • Rebecca spoilt 3of my well-planned strategy in big 2.
  • Jin Lin peeped at my card and caused my downfall.
  • UCCD was bored, music helped it pass faster and during this lesson, I found out that out of 21 songs, Rebecca only knew the 3 chinese songs =0
  • Miss Alice Tang did not call my name today 🙂
  • We stayed in school after school to play big 2, i mean, who the hell stays in school just to play cards?!
  • Samantha graduated from Havard School of Witchcraft.
  • Samantha used witchcraft to make me lose for 3 consecutive games.
  • Dignity was lost when AhSama painted my nails purple in exchange for a Subaru WRX ( which I have not recieved yet)
  • Kaming, Rebecca and Jerry kicked me out of the game.
  • Idy and Nana let me win a game for free 🙂 Sam tried to make me lose!
  • Took 74e
  • Surfed net in the Bus, thanks to Sheena’s Misheard lyrics video, which was bloody funny……yes, its funny alright..

I miss the photography days!

  1. LOL when did u blog this?! and oh oh i can totally blackmail u now kthx :D:D:D

  2. Time and Day : July 4, 2008 at 12:48 am

    You gonna learn to read sheena, you gotta learn to read.


    You dare to blackmail me?! Me is Meenah’s Good Friend leh

  3. chey! buy me a mocha frapp first then talk. HA!

  4. what the, I help you fix the “Meenah’s Effect” thing leh!!!

  5. haha, kidding lah aiyoh.

  6. Hi, nice blog

  7. Now the whole world will know that I am ill treating my student. 😦

  8. @meenahs, i know you are kidding lah aiyohyoh lao shi

    @jerry, did you just copy and paste from the last previous comment you gave months ago?! jkjk, thanks for the comment =x

    @amber, oh welcome, amber! the first comment ever, now we still have rebecca , jinlin, sam and alice tang yet to comment on this 😛

    Actually, 8/20 isn’t that bad, have you ever tried 0? LOL!

  9. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi

  10. hi, nice blog.


  11. wow THANKS alot, sherlim!

    Like father like daughter…sigh

  12. HAHA yeah indeed LFLD.
    seeya in school!

  13. argh, i didnt say i’d exchange my subaru with ur painted nail lah! don put words in my mouth(:

  14. @ sam, no lor, i told you got condition before painting the nails, which is that subaru. now stop talking words away from your own mouth! but nvm lah, i give you benefit of the doubt!

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