Bad Things Happens In Threes

In blog on July 2, 2008 at 9:45 pm

Probably one of the worst days of my life because they(problems) seriously caused chaos in my mind. Imagine how many brain cell died because of that.

  • Bad thing number one : Laptop
  • Bad Thing Number Two : Maid
  • Bad thing Number Three: Park

I won’t blog so much due to the usual reasons, the reasons that caused the almost countless days of absence!

Oh, check out this video! Enjoy!(Well, this applies only with those with a good sense of humor)

  1. Hey get your lappy working!


  2. lmaooooooooo at the video. that guy seriously very free. unlike you it seems.

  3. oh oh! i cant put anything html in the text widget leh 😦 need your expert help

  4. @marcus, will do!!!

    @sheena nice right, do subscribe to winekone, you egoistic piece of #$$#! Jkjk, i mean who the hell wears a shirt with their own face on it?!!?

    I where expert, ask jerry, he even better at it!!

  5. :O really meh

  6. lol, i lol’d when you believe that last sentence!

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