Sheena told me to…

In blog on June 7, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Update, so here am I, updating my blog.

Basically, I went to Popeye at T1 just now. KTHXBYE.

  1. wtf……………………

    not counted kay. 😛

  2. Right..

    gonna post a new entry in 2 hours time!

  3. gogogo! 😀

  4. Trying extremely hard!

  5. You went POPEYE again?!

    Enough should be enough ….

    Your MONDAY plan is going to FAIL!

  6. lol what you mean by AGAIN?

    Frequency of trips to popeye is already so bloody low!!

    Hell no my friend, it’s gonna work. I just need some… motivation 🙂

  7. Since FREQUENCY OF popeye is LOW, MAKE IT HIGH ON monday?!

  8. plan?..dun tell me its a diet plan of yours…HAHA…cus tht popeye has just vapourised your plan..whoosh!..haha..

  9. @marcus, nah!!! no more popeye for the months to come!

    @jaslyn, no leh! diet plan started, jogging plan also started, going smooth so far!

  10. really?..haha..good for you..haha..better see u in better SHAPE the next time!..haha..or else…i will say the plan is definitely not working due to many attempts…haha..ur jog is how fast?…haah…

  11. @jaslyn, nice, FORCED motivation. That’s what I needed badly! My jog how fast huh? Err, let’s just say it’s around 4-5mins/km, I am after all, just a beginner 😦 Gonna train for NS liao!

    btw wheres your blog, a little blog-hungry now leh!

  12. that speed is considered quite fast…haha…
    my blog?…u can ask marcusssssssssssss…haha

  13. yep, quite fast! but gotta be faster than that!

    tell me here lah!!

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