In blog on June 3, 2008 at 2:32 am

A little tweak from what Alice Tang told us, THANK GOD IT’S HOLIDAYS…NOT.

FIrstly, it is NOT a holiday. It is called a holiday to make it sound better and make it sound relaxing but it isn’t! What I have to complete by the end of week 3:

  1. 3 Projects
  2. Exams
  3. Keep Fit Plan
  4. Keep Happy Plan

Most of all, there’s NO SCHOOL! Damn, I’ve never loved school this much. Am sure going to miss the fun time with friends, especially the card playing session! Oh, and the lectures are also missed, that’s damn sad indeed. I’ll miss some lecture mates too 😦

Anyways, tomorrow will be a planning day for what’s to come for the next 3 weeks. Dad’s also going to Taiwan for a few days, yep, do take care! Might be driving him to the Airport tomorrow. Nope, there won’t be any Teardrops On My Guitar!

Will blog more about the outing we had today tomorrow.

Flight. Have a safe flight, dad!
and yes, I love this pic!


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