Theme Change and Projects Galore

In blog on May 26, 2008 at 11:41 pm

Changed the theme because it was really boring seeing your own blog the same for an extended period of time. I also know it’s boring seeing the same posts every single visit to this blog, hence, I took the initiative to update a little, don’t expect this whole post to make sense because the level of fatique is almost at its max.

Today, we did, or rather I myself did a one minute of silence for the two rightfully dead module projects, namely UCCD and SSM. Project fever was finally over! UCCD was done exactly at 2am last morning and SSM was done a few hours ago. The presentation went quite alright with a little hipcups here and there, was glad teacher loved the content and the slides. The whole 2-3 hours was practically a comedy show here and there with the funniest being Jerry and Idy’s skid about a isolent and rude salesperson, nicely acted by Jerry himself. Amber and Rebecca’s presentation also went thru smoothly, highlight being Rebecca’s very nice introduction “Hi, My Name Is Rebecca” and the presentation started within a split second. It’s really hard to explain here but its bloody hilarious.

Our presentation went well and Sheena was complemented as Eloquent! On the other hand, I was told my speed has improved dramatically(maybe not! maybe a 50% improvement). Although something happened before that which I don’t know why it happened, it’s alright now, no hard feelings man :). Just a sudden rush of anguish in my bloodstream.

The only project left is MR, which I believe, my group will handle it ruthlessly.

I will try to blog about that one cream party soon!

  1. Cool! I agree to the excuse you have…

    And about projects, MINE IS SCREWED BUT SO?!

    dun worry, whatever it happens, just take it as a lesson learnt!:D

  3. loving the new layout.

  4. @marcus, oh well, projects can pull up marks considerbly well!

  5. @ felicia yes it’s OVER. Time to relax….NOT. 3 weeks of chionging of the subjects for the bloody MSTS. yes, lesson learnt 😦

    I have some of the photos with me but not that MUCH as sam, did she send you the photos? the ones she sent me are pretty pretty 😛

  6. @sheena, thanks! glad you love it, loved the DAIDI session just now 😛

  7. the online dai di or the real dai di?

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