The very first Forced Entry.

In blog on May 19, 2008 at 12:51 pm

I was forced, by long-lost-cousin and omfgitsheena to start a post so as to meet their daily reading needs. If what is you want, that’s what you get guys. Now I’ve got to spend an hour or two thinking and making up a fake blog post. Just kidding my friend, on that fake blog post part, I just have to think of what to blog, which still, require HOURS!I am mentally prepared to part with this few hours of my life. Starting in about…now.

Anyways, the keywords of what comprises of my week would be : cards, projects, homework and ps3. Talking about cards, we are having lots of fun with it. However, I am unable disclose too much due to the no poker rule in school :(. But indeed, we had a great great time every single break!

Going on to projeks, its quite hellish. UCCD with Ka Ming is really complicated but still there is a deadline to meet. SSM with Sheena is going well so far, it is still managable. There will be a new project coming up as well but nope, we havent started on it yet. And yes, that’s all for Projeks.

There is nothing much to elaborate on homework, so, i’ll skip this part.

Next, going to PS3, there is too much to say so, I’ll do my best to shorten it. I know, this interests almost less than 8% of my readers but hell, it’s the highlight of this entry itself and it deserves it own section!

Indeed, I got a PS3 for my birthday, one of the best presents of my life but I know there would be better ones to come in the future! My mother, sister and brother shared the costs of the PS3 and I am pretty thankful for that! So we can’t buy only the PS3 alone, it have to come with a controller and another game, which increased the price to almost 2-fold. My bro got his Ninja Gaiden which he sort of abandoned after a few plays while I already have my GTA4 ready at home. Got another Dual Shock 3 controller but it was out of stock, so we’ll have to collect it another day.

Going on the the general part, I played a minimum of 2-3 hours daily. I know, I KNOW. You guys might think I neglected homeworks and stuff but no, I did tutorials in advance so I am practically homework free for a week or so. Smart eh? To accomodate the PS3 spree I’ve got to plan many things in advance, like what time I get home and stuff. But the sacrifice is worth the wait when you can play it in 1080p. Thanks Ben Lye for lending me like 3-4 games when i have practically nothing else to play for at least a month. Game collection will only go up mid-june as there is some financial planning to be done. For now, let me introduce Mighty the Playstation 3!

  1. heh heh!!..finaly you update!

  2. OMG! WHY DID YOU? DID you UPDATE!!!!!!!


  3. why is tht a disgrace?..hmmm


    not being orderED GIRL!

  5. i hereby delcare myself uninvolved in the debate!

  6. haha, i feel so extra but i MUST say my peace.


    u copy me.

    u named your ps3! unhappy.

  7. oooo..i get what u mean..

    but then it always happens when u have stalkers on your blog and constantly bugging you to update…IF YOU DO NOT UPDATE!!…haha…

    but yeah…what marcus said is true..own style..

    however, blog known to jus happens la…hehe

    how are my long lost cousins doing?

  8. … Yup! Shit Happens!

    And I guess it wasn’t very much of a Debate. It was just “COMMENTS”…

  9. ya la!!..debate sounds so!!…haha..u know what i mean marcus..nt nice


    how are you guys doing heh?

  10. You have HOLIDAY RIGHT!

    stop showing off leh …


  11. LOL, I have holiday too!

    WE’re doing considerbly fine! We need a meetup one day, the crazy cousins reunion dinner! LOU!

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