In blog on May 10, 2008 at 1:18 am

That’s from Alice Tang, it means THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. Indeed, thank god for that! A day for relaxation after school, 8 hours straight of “do-what-ever-you-wants”. Unfortunately and fortunately, we have some extra activites after school which I will describe later.

Today’s lecture was especially unique, in a way that weird things happens and stuff. We had a great time laughing at Jerry’s “caught in action” photo taken by Sheryn(not sure if it is spelt this way). He was like playing with an imaginary friend, Sheena, Amber and I was like laughing away, trust me, it was one of the funniest thing you could ever seen in your life! Didn’t have the chance to post it as it was a photo of Nana anad Sheryn taking photo together, you know, girls stuff. But a crop would be good enough.

Another thing that happened was a mystery message from some cherry-berry-thing-person-thingy. Well, was showing Sheena some photos of Snoopy(I THINK), then I saw an Incoming Bluetooth message. I accepted it and guess what, it was this:

My reaction? I was like “Holy ****?”
Whoever did that own up this instant!

I had no idea who was that and I took a picture of something and sent it back, asking who she was. She replied ” I don’t know, who are you? :)”. Lecture ended and another message “BYE GYVER” arrived. It was weird but fun in a good way. Damn mysterious indeed!

After lecture, went to the library and had some ultra-fun big2.5 moments. It was gems after that, time flew so slowly and the tone went flat.

MR was next. Wasn’t that boring due to Alice Tang’s good sense of humor, at least she jokes but we have to write every single word she display. As usual, my name was mentioned for no apparent reason. Jerry joined the list of name mentioned for the day.

After MR was some fun card-playing session with Ka-ming, Rebecca’s best friend and the rest, which I do not know very well but was ultra friendly. Went to do research on Islam with them at Bugis. We met a few helpful and friendly people there that are willing to be interviewed for at least an hour. I really thank them. I now understand their religion ten-fold.

That Mosque.

Ka Ming, That ultra-friendly guy and me.

Pretty blur I know, but what can I do?


And oh, I love to play HEARTS(sheena will know what this means!)

  1. LOL, so many of my name sia! haha. later your accidental readers come and flood my blog 😛

  2. lol? you should be thankful for that! I dont have traffic for HEARTS yet!

  3. update!

  4. hi gyver!!!…your long lost cousin here..

    haven seen you guys for quite some time! hope we can meet at soon yeah!..

    and yeah..pls update..(:

  5. Hey! Another LONG LOST COUSIN!


    Unlike you know who lar!!!

  6. @ sheena, UPDATED, remember! you forced me!

  7. @ JASLYN, heya! we should meet up very soon, I’ve got a 3 week break coming soon and that might be the best period where we can just come out one day and enjoy like hell! really looking forward to that one day!

  8. @marcus, I can’t don’t update leh, kena forced, you see… And marcus, please update!!! I am UNKIND.

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