That 74e and bad DBS day

In blog on May 6, 2008 at 11:59 pm

Saved me 30minutes of sleep.

Reason? It’s because:

  • It took many shortcuts
  • Drove via the expressway
  • Took up less passengers
  • Alight less passengers
  • Drove very fast, 2 times the speed of the ultra slow double decker 74

Wanted to board mainstream 74 with Adam but was reluctant, thank god 74e came on time and saved the day. I heard 74e is more expensive but TIME IS MONEY.

Next, there will be some whining about DBS, non-interested parties may leave and not click on the “Read More” link. Oh well, you’re going to click it anyway, RIGHT?

First off, damn the crowds. You have the money but you have to QUEUE like hell to get it? It makes no sense to me. Every DBS/POSB ATM I have discovered so far are usually queued by 10-15 people. Some take their sweet time while some kept inserting the card over and over again for no apparent reason. Most of the time, the queue will last at least 10 minutes before I am able to reach the damn ATM. Time waits for no one my friend, because of this, I am attempting to try to get to either OUB or OCBC, which have usually short queues.

Also, the POSB ATM outside 7/11 at AMK hub was going crazy. Insert the card and you find out that you can’t click on anything. 5 seconds later, “Do you need more time” pop-up appeared and the irritating sound goes off for another 5-10 seconds. People will definitely think you’re trying to screw around with the ATM machine which obviously I am not. I ran away from there as soon as possible.

The experience on DBS’s internet banking services are also unfavorable. I can’t believe it happenened so coincidently, but I am definitely having a bad-dbs day. As my mother want me to transfer some funds to my aunt, I immediately thought of Internet banking. The login process was fine and stuff, until I want to add a new payee, which means, a new account no. that will be receiving the funds. Some security process requires a passcode to be sent to my mobile phone and I waited for a few minutes and I received nothing. I then remembered that I changed my HP number, which I then found out that is not the case.

A few weeks ago, I had signed up for a new DBS account and they apparently asked if there are any changed to any particulars, which I told them my new hand phone number. This shows they have NO reason to not have my new number associated with the Internet Banking account. When I figured out I am able to change my no. on the Internet banking, I was wrong. Any changes made will not apply to Internet Banking services, and it only applies to the main DBS account. I was shocked when I read that. It’s ironic knowing that you can change particulars via the INTERNET yet you can’t change INTERNET banking particulars. Oh well, guess I’ll have to queue at the bloody ATM to change my handphone, NOT.

OUB/OCBC, here I come!


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