3 Hours at Terminal 3

In blog on May 4, 2008 at 10:01 pm

Maybe we didn’t even spend as much as 3 hours there but its very close, and also, it rhymes very well. Basically, we had a trip down at Terminal 3 yesterday with the main reason being Popeyes Chicken! If there are any restaurant that provides better chicken than KFC, it’s gonna be Popeyes. Its evident because people are willing to “fly” all the way from west to east just to eat them. So far, the only branches are at The Singapore Flyer and the terminals at the airport. We used to eat only at Terminal 1 but we want to find out if there are any difference between the two branches.The conclusion? I’ll rather eat at terminal 1!

Firstly, given Terminal 3’s modern interior, furnitures and ambiance, it felt similar to eating in a food court in a generic shopping center. There was no “high class” feeling nor that “airport” feeling since we drove all the way from north-east to east. The crowd there also brought the experience down one notch. It was crowded as hell because that the area there was pathetically small, smaller than an average Macdonald’s. So there were like only 10-15 tables there. We were almost tempted to take the skytrain back to Terminal one when we found out that the 6 of us have to share a small circular table meant for like 3-4 people. In short, its like an ordinary fast-food restaurant. Thank god the food taste good, will elaborate on it later.

The second disadvantage of eating in T3 instead of T1 would be its service. I know none of the staff there but I just feel like they think we owe them a living! In other words, their service is supposed to be seen in less-developed country like Malaysia, Thailand or other crappy neighbors surrounding us. When one of their staffs took our order, he was like damn confused. To break down the orders, its the following:

  • One 8 piece chicken meal.
  • 3 Burgers Meal

That’s all. That is all it takes to confuse a bad staff. He then show us surprisingly bad attitude, especially the emotional face of his. When we asked him how much a burger itself costs, he said $5 and said ” The meal is more worth it”. Holy chickens.

Going on to the main part, where its starring the 6 of us, all of us obviously had a great time there. We chatted about hilarious stuff which obviously I had forgotten almost 90% of them. Argh, just let the pictures tell the whole story!

Before the pictures are posted, I’ll just have to do a little disclaimer. Any sudden salivating that the pictures may create are totally coincidental or accidental. Intelligently Retarded Limited holds no responsibility to any loss of electronic products due to exposure to liquid under any circumstances.

The fries are first grade, the chickens are also first grade but I don’t know about their biscuits because of one very obvious reason. I didn’t even touch it.

So we have like 7 cups of drinks, 6 cups of frightening coke and one cup of Sprite. Seems like I’m the only one that’s white.

There you go, 1 set of 8 piece chicken and 3 sets of burgers, that’s all. Damn that retardedly retarded staff that served us. And no, you’re not seeing things, there are two burgers on the picture but one burger has yet to arrive, so yeah, 3 set of burgers. You can see Marcus’s itchy hand on the top right!

Wei Kang, as ever, still not as addicted to food as the rest of us, still can play handphone! Where the rest pof us are more than ready to put their mouth on the food(not the other way round!) jkjk.

Look at it before it’s gone!

We then took the long ride back home, it was one of the most satisfying trip ever made to the airport and forth! So did any of you salivate like hell? I hope not, because I am.


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