In blog on May 1, 2008 at 12:27 am

School started at a very very low note in the morning as I was exhausted as ever due to the sleepless nights. If I remember correctly, I woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night, I knew I was dreaming about something but the contents are vaguely remembered. In the end, I think I got like a few hours of sleep only. I am so going to take advantage of Labour Day to wake up ultra late.

Things started to get better only when it was break, we started playing cards, yes, CARDS. No gambling, definitely. I felt a sudden influx of cardomanic suddenly when one of my classmates started to play big 2. Almost everyone play cards in my class and they are very good at it, and unfortunately, I wasn’t too good and was a target of some considerably unreasonable complains. I was accused of the following crimes:

  • Shuffles too slow, wastes too much time
  • Gave out the cards too slowly, which I believe, was the same amount of time needed by the complainer
  • Played too big, was accused as being irritating
  • Put wrong cards, was accused as being dumb( and apparently I was not too sure about the order of the cards)

Well, I deem the whole incident as a case of complacency and an extreme case of insolence. Going on, I did a little MR with my teammates and we all agreed on the debate of whether we should do q2 or q3, we’ll do both, do them at home.

After lecture, it was practically a time-wasting marathon. Guess how much have I wasted?
3 hours. 1 hour was used to surf Youtube in the library and the remaining two hours was used for a nap. And oh, a little while playing big 2.5 online too. The 3 hours of waiting time was meant for the CYA briefing and I find it a total waste of time if I was braver and not being retarded, this time, not intelligently retarded, just retarded. Well, I could had taken the chance but I did not and in the end, it wasn’t worth the time there, except for a few good laughs with my friend, especially at the bloody NYAA song. To summarize the whole experience, I’d use the saying “SO NEAR YET SO FAR”. Well, fark myself for that! Oh well, no one’s going to understand it anyway.

The next best opportunity is to get into the CYA itself, which I really doubt so as it is so fiercely fought by 500 prospective CYAs. I just wish I will get a call from them, I really do want this opportunity!

Rushed back home after that. Went to some sort of celebrations at Marcus’s house and damn it, it was bloody fun. The staffs TOTALLY blasted me away. They’re friendly and bloody funny! To be honest, it’s one of the better events I’ve ever attended. Took LOTs of pictures. After they left, it was practically family time and I enjoyed it too. Took some pictures as Marcus is feeling so photogenic, not to mention Kelvin as well. Well, to sum it up, it’s a pure Funathon.

  1. “one of the better events”


    “Marcus is feeling so photogenic”

    Not that indeed-ing. But I accept…

    but i keep losing on viwawa 😦

  3. Well, I think the second sentence should have a stronger indeed…

  4. @sheena, congrats on that, welcome to the Cards Addict club! Losing on viwawa is common, since there are many “no lifers” lvl 10002 peeps who play on it everyday, they can be our cards addict chairman liao =0

  5. Hey don’t mind always do call me along if I am online! I AM SO GOING TO WIN YOU!

  6. omg you spend hours just to write that for me?? LOL poor thing. you also no life. haha kidding kidding.

  7. lol marcus, COME GET IT!

    @sheena, ya i spent hours to write that, you better reciprocate!

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