Different Types Of “Starts”

In blog on April 13, 2008 at 11:59 pm

Talking about a new period of time of our lives, we always describe it as a start of something new, maybe that something might be a new lifestyle, a new home, a new school or entering another stage of education. However, we, or rather, myself, always give it a usual description, a * start.

The * can be:

  • new
  • happy
  • crappy
  • usual
  • motivated
  • whatever you think of

The question is, what type of a start do I want?

How do I make sure good starts doesn’t just fall the moment it starts to gain momentum?

I’ve been following my quest for a new start for so long, although it has it ups and downs, the whole thing eventually went all the way down at a point of time. Yes, it’s all those “Masterplans” craps I’ve been talking about, to whoever have zero-confidence in me. To be honest, the best periods of change I had was one of the Masterplans, where I studied 24/7 and jogged daily. Just how do I have the kind of motivation to drive me to that extend? Well, I don’t know.

I have a feeling that the new start that is about to begin tomorrow is just about the same as yesterday’s. I mean, it’s the same school, 30% to 40% of the same classmates, same course and the almost similar timetable. Just how am I going to deem thats a brand new change? I can’t possibly take that as a completely new lifestyle just as the one I had exactly a year ago, where I have a new home and a new school at the same time.

Though the odds of a successful plan are very low, there is a need to create a new one as I feel there is a need to be one. I just feel I need the discipline to do something big, and I believe that I can create a brand new life by myself. I don’t want the same old start, I want a brand new start.

Yes, I brand new one, I got to make sure it shines.


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