An hour or two @ Harbourfront

In blog on April 13, 2008 at 11:50 pm


Why Harbourfront? Why all the way from Serangoon to Keppel Road?

It’s because someone from Germany asked a favor from me to take photos of the cruise ship, Maxim Gorkiy, which will be making the last stop in Singapore or something like that, and that person happens to be a collector of the photos of that ship. Well, let’s just do someone that favor eh? Since Vivocity is full of activities anyway. I took a snap of snoopy before taking off from home, just totally CUTE.

Visitors to my house should be prepared to be licked real bad.

The first thing we did was to find a Vantage Point( this movie rocked real bad) to take the photos and the top roof of Vivocity was the most ideal. Took a few shots and we are on our way to Marche!

Yep, that’s the Maxim Gorkiy. I swear that’s best view we can have of the ship. That terminal sure is huge.

While on our way to Marche, I took a few photos. I heard from my bro that some people thinks that the “sculpture” as shown below is real.

That person over there? Wtf? REAL? Yes, I know, it moves, it swings 360 degrees but what the hell makes them think that its real. I have seriously no idea!

Err, some random shots while on the way to .

When we arrived at Marche, we were greeted by a nice entrance, I knew the moment we enter Marche, our stomach will suffer real bad indeed. Order sheets will be overfilled, staff will be real busy trying to meet our demands and the chefs would have to work double time! That’s just an exaggerated prediction. We are just gonna eat like crazy! Well, eat while you can since school is starting soon! If school starts, that means DIET SEASON!

Indeed, a feast is awaiting our arrival and Rosti looks fabulous indeed. The first thing I did was to order a plate of Rosti Potatoes.

God, look at the sour cream! These are the best I’ve ever tasted.

Just take a look at those wings, looks great eh? I know of someone who would be so interested to maybe just consume just half of it.

Yes, that’s right, Joey’s interested!

I have no idea what Rostisserie means and how it is related to chicken. Perhaps it’s time to learn Swiss, which I feel is useful. Switzerland is definitely in my list of “100 Places to visit before you die”

Here are some “Premium” Garlic breads, worth the $3.50++ per piece.

There you go, the Rosti I’m talking about. Pardon on the reduced quality as I was approached by one of the staff that PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT ALLOWED. What he said after that wasn’t really very clear, I only remember the word “official”. I would have to turn to my non-cybershot W960i, yes, it’s nothing compare to Marcus’ K850i 5-MP madness!!

I know it makes people hungry, because I am right now. If only Marche does delivery. Anyway, we had a really good time at Harbourfront. We went to Chocolate Factory after that as Sis wants to get some Wonka Chocolate. Unfortunately, it was out of production. We just bought some stuff and off we go to fetch mum. I know this post doesn’t sound THAT fun, but I am feeling a little lazy to post ALL the details here after delaying this post for like 2-3 days? That’s all for an hour or two at Harbourfront!


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