Bon Voyage, Holidays.

In blog on April 9, 2008 at 3:46 pm

Just four more days and I’ll hit the MRT daily and I don’t really like that. It’s time to struggle with the crowd again. Well, to those comfortable office workers commuting by the MRT daily ever since we had a holiday, prepare for a hostile invasion because we, the students, are about to start school and please, brace yourself for the increased squeeziness and the lack of oxygen when that eventually happens.

While I still have the comfort of my Father’s and Sisters car, commuting is never frustrating except the very crowded peak hours. To be honest, I was almost in my sister’s car daily and I can really see many drivers who think we owe them a living. On the other hand, tons of good drivers are on the road, they just don’t have the opportunity to display their courtesy or whatever they can display. I am not intending to make this post so transportation-oriented, I just feel no one is just going to give up their cars, and hit the public transport where we have to endure a struggle for space and time. I am very sure I will choose the private way in the future.

Going on, there are many memorable events that happened during this holidays, I’ll make a very small list below:

  • Mum’s birthday celebrations at Marina Bay
  • The few hours outing at HarbourFront with siblings
  • Daily commute with sis for that few weeks
  • Family dinners every Saturday and Sunday
  • Daily Siblings Night in different rooms
  • The four days of work with Marcus

Other than that, time had been wasted very pitifully. However, I’ll have to plan very carefully when school starts as my new timetable is totally crappier than what I had last year. TOTALLY CRAPPIER indeed. Also, this is not really a NEW beginning to be exact. Oh well, my wishes didn’t come through. The “retainment” system in SP is really crappy though. I have totally no idea how SP creates classes but what I know is that people from the same class last year will be the same class this year if their choices are similar.

For now, let’s just enjoy this few days of holidays left!

  1. okay what, the timetable…

  2. hmm, had you checked? almost everyday ends at 5!!

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