Superbly Sunday

In blog on March 17, 2008 at 8:57 pm


Family outings are great but the outing I had today is even better! Well, not a full family outing because Joey had a Karate competition and he lost it. Oh well, it’s the first time, I’m sure he can whack the hell out of that guy in the future. Going on, we went to the Starhub Centre near Cuppage Plaza. My Father recieved two Starhub handphone vouchers and it will expire on 17/03/08, in other words, tomorrow. My Father just want a simple and good model but the place doesn’t have very cheap ones. At first, he wanted a Nokia but he found another model that suits him, which is the Samsung G600. At the same time, since the vouchers requires two contracts to be renewed, my Father told my Sister to get one as well. Her favourite at that time was the G-800, the big bulky 5-mp handphone. As Sis knows that I want the W960i, she told me to get it instead while she wait for another smaller Samsung model that boast a 5-mp camera. Thanks alot!

While we waited for the service counter to call my Father’s name, we watched National Security on TV. It provided great laughter and shaved a few dozen minutes of our waiting time. When the time is up, we proceed to the counter and got two phones, the Samsung D-880 and the Sony Ericsson W960i.

Both my Dad and I was satisfied with our purchase as my Father can now use two sim cards in one phone. As for me, Well, it’s a vast improvement from my older phone, especially with the new touch screen. So far, it’s pretty powerful and convenient, especially when it’s like ultra-light and the many new functions are pretty cool. I should have bought a Sony Ericsson in the first place!


We went for dinner afterwards, a restaurant beside the Cuppage Plaza. Quite a good dinner indeed, I ate some Shanghai Noodle or something like that. Sis and Mum shared some claypot rice and Dad ate some noodles. After that, we decided to go to Macdonals for some deserts. On the way, Dad saw a Timberland store and decided to buy some clothes, the size they have there are quite big, so he decided to buy some for Joey. Eventually, he bought a PINK shirt for joey. Well, that pink isn’t that PINK, it’s the more professional pink. Not like those act-cutes who wear pink everyday to attract attention.

After that, we went to  Macdonals and have some quality time together. Eat and chat at the same time. Ending off, it’s really a superb sunday!

  1. lol, this is how mcdonald’s is supposed to be spelt.
    sorry for sounding asshole-ish. just feel the need to correct every wrong spelling. 😛

  2. God! You have got what you wanted so fast? So fortunate hor!

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