Next Handphone Replacement Scheme 2008

In blog on March 16, 2008 at 12:41 pm

Dear Readers,

After one and a half year of usage. The Nokia N93 have proven to be a very ineffective companion at every aspect, especially in its photo-taking and general usage. It is like what Borat had mentioned, his very famous quote : Great! When I uh, buy my wife, at the start she was uh, cook good, her vazhïn work well, and she strong on plow. But after three years when she was fifteen, then she become weak, her voice become deep: BORAT BORAT, eh, she receive hair on chest, and vazhïn hang like sleeve of wizard. That is the same situation I am facing. Laggy Performance, very weak 3.2 megapixel camera, scratched on the hand phone. If the hand phone does not have the negative qualities mentioned earlier, its size won’t be taken into account. It was big and chunky, making it a burden to carry around.

Mirror, Mirror, On the wall, Which is the ugliest phone of them all!


What was not honorable was Nokia’s policy of support. After a few months of releasing only 2 firmwares, they have practically given up on their products. It feels like buying an inferior product that is basically something people is not interested anymore. A few months later, N93i appeared. Well, Fuck you Nokia. Fuck you for stealing my “One Thousand and Two Hundred Only”.

What had fueled me to create a Replacement Scheme would be the very weak battery performance I am being thrown at. The recent I.T show had made me resort to borrowing my Sister’s Sony Ericsson K800i. I had to because I will have customers calling me to buy the laptops and if my N93 runs out of juice halfway in the show, I’ll lose a sale! Purchasing another new battery from Nokia would be a very bad choice. We’ll be cleaning their asses by giving them more money for the crap they made. I’ll rather buy a 3rd party battery that will eventually explode after using it for 2 hours. A great way to get rid of this phone since its value is rather tiny compared to other phones.

Our next topic would be the replacement phones that I will be getting and for the first time, I’ll do my best to keep it under my own budget. The criteria for the next phones would be :

  • Must have a Touch-Screen Interface
  • Must Have 3G
  • Must not be laggy
  • Must not be NOKIA
Here are our short-listed choices:
Sony Ericsson W960i
MWg Atom V
Ending off, I expect the proposal to reach my table by midnight tonight!
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    You phone is not totally SPOILED and you are changing another one .. HOW i hope that my dopod is ALIVE!

  3. uh, i think the scratches on your phone is like so not Nokia’s fault. lol.


  5. @ marcus, lol, I don’t feel that is WASTING MONEY! Just need to keep up with technology and its getting too slow for comfort!

    @sheena I didn’t blame nokia for the scratches! It’s the slow performance and super weak support that I blame them for.

  6. iphone doesnt have 3g.

  7. Yes Trenz, I know that.

  8. lol, sup with your header??

  9. You mean the sony ericsson part? Read my new post!

  10. lol, welcome to the sony ericsson fan club! haha

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