My First (Real) Job Ever.

In blog on March 13, 2008 at 11:28 pm

How am I going to start this post without even having the mood the blog. I just have to post everything out in case I forgot what I wanted to say. Hmm, here goes.

My very first job was a job as a salesperson, as a very inexperienced salesperson who have no skill in communication with complete strangers. Wait, since when do I have interpersonal skills with FRIENDS? This is proven by my very impressive track record of not having a call or an sms from anyone except for my family members. Oh well, going on to my very first job, it was at the Acer booth by challenger, flanked by both Harvey Norman and Courts. Buying stuff was never difficult, selling them was bloody difficult indeed.

My first impression of my so called colleagues on the training day was like omfg, it’s going to be a bad bad 4 days. This taught me stereotyping is never accurate. I thought they were proud, arrogant and disgusting Bengs but the first day proved my statement very wrong. Well, some were downright proud and arrogant, especially when they “helped boss to save money”. I wasn’t very happy with the most experienced worker as well, the first time I saw him, he took the keyboard and slam it on the table saying ” Wah Lao, Simi La* Jia* Keyboard sia”. That instant, my favorite phrase came into action, “Hate At First Sight”. Yes, Hokkien vulgarities are downright disgusting, now THAT is not a stereotype. Why talk Hokkien when you can speak English?

Going on the the Sales side, I learned pretty much, especially when those freaking basta…..

I mean, those freaks beside our booth were very cunning foxes. Or rather, two faced salesman. We were practically their enemies, but I swear that we don’t treat them as enemies, AT FIRST. I find their friendly pretense towards customer very very disturbing. Especially those who tried to steal customers from me and even Marcus, but fortunately, knowing Marcus, he more or less dealt with them single-handedly, which I applaud. What they do is simply too much, especially when they try to serve your customer when you’re asking for a quote, at times, they simply approach your customers IN YOUR BACKYARD(In other words, in front of you). Thick-skinned bastards indeed.

On the bright side, I learned many sales tactics and the physiology involved in making a successful sales. Basically, there are several rules:

Rule 1: The Price Is Right? No? Yes? It depends. Personally, I sold over 20 sets of Starbuys laptops which costs below $1000 and I am not proud of it, Marcus sold perhaps half of his laptops that are worth $1000 and over, I think.

Rule 2:Can you afford it? : Don’t call me a show-off or a “look-downer”, or whatever you call it. Basically, it is just common sense. Would you sell a $2700 laptop to an Indian Construction worker? I am NOT saying these construction workers can’t afford expensive things, it’s just, you won’t expect them to buy expensive stuff.  80% of the 20 below $1000 laptops are sold to either Mainland Chinese or Indian nationals.

Rule 3: The most evil and effective rule/tactic is to never say your brand sucks. Damn, the way I praise Acer is as if I own the company or something like that. If that is the case, I practically own Acer for 4 days. And yes, their 1.7gHz Dual-core( basically, the very low end of today’s standard) is of course better than the those of other companies.

I have also learned how tho physco future salesperson/salesman/saleswomen I will encounter in the future. Well, the best way is to pressure them so freaking much that they will give you the best deals. Those customers seems to have a very strong fetish of torturing greenhorns like Marcus and I. These customers are like “No Thumbdrive arh? Then forget it, The H company give me 2 Thumbdrive, Thanks!” we have to like BEG them to buy from us by offering offers we can’t offer and in the end, got scolded the good way in a very relax and pleasant tone. But hell, I know my boss is scolding me. I can see the hatred in his eyes.

I know some potential customers do not intend to buy from us but after a 10-min long presentation, their reaction is definitely worst and more powerful than Simon Cowell, just 3 words is enough to kill you : “Thanks, I’ll Consider”. If you think that’s bad enough, those who just nod their head is worst. Communicating with the Chinese is also horrifying. No, I don’t blame myself for not trying to understand Chinese better because everyone is facing this problem.

Last but not least, I had learned a lot from this experience and I am very sure it is going to benefit me in the future. Well, thanks for Wei Kang for introducing me this job and Marcus for the very entertaining feedbacks after work. Oh, and my uncle, my dad and sister for fetching us after work, basically, thanks everyone from my Family. A taxi home ride is never ideal with the 1-2km long queues, taking the bus or MRT back is of course,OUT OF THE QUESTION.

No pictures for this one because afterall, I clinched 36 deals! That is because Marcus and I stood 9 hours daily and we are purely business minded!

  1. Oh I am like getting so many jobs after you promoting me like I am GOD… almost …

    And you are doing so great in the line lar… Better than me somemore….

    And and …. My name appeared like 5 times …

    And And And …. you forget to say I told them to go to other stores? OR brands? because I can’t give that much? or better deals? HAHAHAHAH …

  2. LOL!

    Just saying you are good at defending yourself! JKJK.. You’re good at PEOPLE SKILLS alright!

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