In blog on March 8, 2008 at 12:36 am

It just keep on ringing on my head.

Don’t freaking tell me that it doesn’t affect us Singaporeans, who wins or lose affects the world.

I’ll go for OBAMA, go for it!

  1. I support him to man!!! All the way Obama. Hope he becomes the next president of America and change the world (:

  2. Propaganda much?
    I think it’s really wrong to have celebrities endorse presidential candidates. People like Jessica Alba have a lot of blind fans who support whatever she supports.
    But I do agree that Obama can bring a fresh change of pace. END THE DAMN WAR! 🙂

  3. @lena, agreed! Change the president, Change the world!

    @sheena, that I agree to a certain extend.. I feel that actors and actresses who are very popular and very influential should step forward to voice out who’s good or who’s bad and this video is one very good example. And yes, end the war! America CANNOT lose to China.

  4. america cannot lose to china?
    if american kids are learning mandarin, i think they’ve alrdy lost =O

  5. Well, China peeps are learning English too!

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