On The Road

In blog on March 5, 2008 at 11:59 am

I want to edit the photos of my Father’s birthday. BUT those should be done a week or two ago.
I want to edit the photos meant for my blog. BUT those should be done on the day itself
I want to complete the 5 existing drafts that I had made for the last 5 days. BUT then I will need 5 days to complete them.
I want to finish my new registered blog and publish it. BUT there is still lots of work to be done!
I want to start my ‘GET FIT’ exercise. BUT no matter how hard I try I still can’t find time.

Just freaking give me 5 more freaking hours a day, anyone?

I know I had stated previously that I had the worst holiday ever, remember the 2-weeks study break? It was almost similar this time, with procrastination of this and procrastination of that but this time, I’ve got a job, for real. Perhaps the first time I am going to leech money from the outside world. ALTHOUGH not much, it’s enough.

Yes, though I have not got the salary yet, I’ve been fantasizing real bad, especially when I dreamed of playing GTA4 on my main hall. Oh, not to mention that I mistaken my iPod nano for an iPod TOUCH by trying to touch the tiny screen and walked down the stairs thinking I was carrying a Macbook AIR without turning off my laptop, leaving tons of pictures on Photoshop victim to my Pavilon’s 10 secs battery life. LASTLY, I mistook my Nikon D-80 as the D3, trying to take photos of cars at an ISO of 1600, thinking the noise level would be at a minimum. Well, people call it fantasizing for a reason!

And NO, this is not some “Memoirs of a Spendthrift” post or something like that. I DO know how to control my money flow. Actually, come to think about it, I spend very less on clothing like t-shirts(saved $30-50), jeans(saved $50++? No idea) and shoes(saved $100-300). To be honest, I only shop for clothing only when I NEED them, which is around the CNY period. Call me a freaking fashion horror or whatever you call that but please, slippers and shorts are good enough! I don’t want to go to school dressing like I am participating in a catwalk or something.

The four BIG desires for year 2008.


This is going to be a freakishly long post thanks to the sudden influx of bloggingmoodex being injected onto my blood stream by some unknown origins. A 500-word essay on the top and a 500-word essay at the bottom, totally blogwhoring. Perhaps it’s the basic laws of accumulation. Refrain from blogging for a few days, all the topics just stacks on one single post, just like this one.

Right, today’s blog title is ON THE ROAD. Well, pretty much because I am really on the road for almost 24/7 this few days. I can already hear my home calling and yearning for my presence. I’ve found many significant photographic opportunities awaiting my camera in my sister’s car, which I feel, in my opinion,seriously very interesting. The scenery that Singapore provides are one of these excellent photographic opportunities.

The Nikon Coolpix P50 is an excellent companion I would say, ultra portability combined with reasonable quality. My favorite shot which I took recently would be this.

The Pooh Bear, my sister’s favorite
The Golden Mile Complex, an architectural icon but definitely a dirty and old complex. The first story is filled with filthy smell and tons of transsexual freaks of nature. Enter at your own will!
Driving definitely beats commuting with the public, a new rant I recently started after visiting the horrendous Airshow. 14 March will be the day public sharing will cease to exist in my dictionary. Oh well, maybe not, roads and parking spaces will still have to be shared anyway. Better than sharing an MRT cabin with thousands of people anyway.
The legal criminals, polluting the air that belongs to everyone.
Going home time!
Now, it’s time for mass-photoshoping and the website! Stay tuned!
  1. i THINK D3 is the kind of camera I want…

    It can take like massive movements and make it look good right?

  2. YES, even if you sneeze it can capture the flying mucus at with insane PRECISION!

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