Valentine Day WOES.

In blog on February 18, 2008 at 1:37 pm

You can describe me as critical or you can call me over-sensitive but don’t ever call be jealous! Watching thousands of couples walk pass me doesn’t change my spirit to lonely or desperate because what I have now is more than what they might be yearning for! And please, do not assume after I blog about valentine days, I will immediately hate every couple I’ve come across. I just hate ugly ones. 😉

So I went to Marina Bay on 14 Feb 2008 without knowing that it’s actually the over-rated valentine day. I have no clue that it’s valentine day until I realize that the streets are filled with pairs, exceedingly surprising because what I am seeing is happening in Marina Bay, my favorite place on this tiny country-state(giving hints that I’ll have nowhere else to go on valentine day). It was very very strange seeing hundreds of couples sitting by the bay in pairs, leaving a huge gap in between each pair. Is this inappropriate wastage of space or what? Even guys sit in pair amongst the hundreds lined up on the linear seats, which is like WTF? Maybe I am just not used to seeing people sit in pair.

These people screwed up my shot seriously.

And I thought valentine days are for couples to express their love and feelings? It was quite disturbing seeing pairs and even groups of girls going on the streets with giant bears 2-3 times their size. Are they trying to show they’re freakishly small or they just want to show the world that they have the biggest damn teddy bears in the world?

We then have girls giving each other presents, cards, stuff toys and stuff, which I read in blogs. Are they really lovers or they are just a substitute for real boys? I have no idea. Just fascinated that they make such a big deal off a day that was created to boost sales.

Now this is for all those Singaporeans Bashers out there who love to make people look and sound bad. No, it’s not couples digging each other’s nose in an mrt nor are they any couples blocking the MRT entrances. It’s their very strong love that makes them totally inseparable, especially on escalators. After seeing so many nice angles that the Esplanade Rooftop offers, I have a very strong temptation to visit the roof despite after having a huge shock of the increased traffic of Marina Bay. So I eventually went into Esplanade, followed the signs and understood that the roof top is like 4-5 storeys up. Exhausted after the 4-hour exploration around Marina Bay, I wanted to get onto the roof as soon as possible and AS FAST as possible. Seems like the task I wanted to do was unnecessarily difficult to achieve. The escalators were infested with couples that doesn’t apply the keep-left rule. There were couples without anyone in front of them looking back at me and didn’t take the initiative to keep left. Instead, some even put their hand on each other’s shoulders. I endured this for 4-5 freaking levels. Damn these couples.

Upon reaching my destination did I realize that I made a wasted trip. There was a MASSIVE infestation of couples at the top. What we have here are couples lying down on the grass looking at the stars, checking if there are any animals being formed. Not only that, we have couples starting a huge picnic and the others are just sitting on the seats watching the skies. A few were hiding in the dark. What was disturbing was that their look on their face seems to tell me what the hell am I doing here. At that time, I was holding my tripod on my hand, and it was very bulky.And I know, they are thinking “What’s this lonely guy doing here with his camera” or even “Wtf, extra. Don’t spoil our tranquility leh!”

Fortunately, the ride home was couple free and at the end of the day, I did get some very nice pictures. Oh well, lesson learned. If you’re single, don’t figgin mix with the couples!

 Shot of the day!



  1. yah those couples totally screw up your pic’s.HAHAHA!
    the scenery is nice 🙂

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