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Firstly, I hope people don’t say that joyous is a term used only during Christmas, I believe you can have joy in any different festivities. Adding on, this might be a very very long post because not only there are many relative place we have to visit, this year, the amount of photos stood at an all time high, almost 200% of what we had last year. An added bonus is that I have unlimited access to the pictures. 😉 (don’t worry sarahjaslynmarcus, won’t post UGLY ones!)

The first day of Chinese New Year was already freakishly fun, yes, I used the word freakishly because well, basically, it was bustling with activities like there’s no tomorrow. We got a little childish but that’s alright, no one freaking cares! That applies if firecrackers is considered childish, that is.


The day before was Chinese New Year preparations. All of us are busy with the decorations and watching the celebrations on TV. Well, I gotta say that the actors are pretty crappy. Their singing are way inferior to the western counterparts. Oh well, Asian Music can never make it. At around 1, I took a shot of my house, which was ready to impress!


My day started out fun with my family. The first step was to give the oranges to our parents, don’t know what it is called but it was a fun moment. We have to think of a few Chinese New Year sentences and stuff. Afterwards, we stole a few pineapple tarts and to our surprise, it was worthwhile, it tasted so freaking juicy my jaws feel numb. We took tons and tons of photos, family photos. My first SD card, out of the three, was filled with family photos.

The three of us



First was camwhoring sessions, dudes, it’s camwhoring REDEFINED! Photos taken per minute was like 20? My camera told me it has not been exposed to such intense abuse before, photos being taken, deleted and vice versa! Marcus was like wanting to look small while Joey wanted the limelight, so they sort of complement each other. Sarah was like bloody paranoid! Very shot taken must go through thorough checking before they are spared the” DELETE” button. We have bloody dumb group shots like pointing at Joey stomach, looking shocked and stuff. No, I know what you are thinking. Posting that picture here will be so wrong.

First shot at Marcus house and I seriousy don’t know who took it.
Looks like I want to murder Wei Kang.



LOU!! And apparently, Wei Kang and Wei Ying got all the spotlight!
Marcus was like, why you didn’t face me!


Eventually, one of our cousins have to go off, so we decided to take one GRAND shot together. We decided to go old-school style, the bloody formal and informals.

Actually, all the shots are informals! =X

The Fours..
Two Big Girls and a baby?
Guys, we have a new reality show, “So You Think You Have A Bloody Big Mouth?”
Nice shot nevertheless.
 Marcus and Jaslyn was like having so much fun with the firecrackers. Lonely me was snapping photos away.
Wierd characters appeared and very evidently, I spotted the word “OI”
The rest were also having a hell of a time. Especially Joey, where he lighted up a few firecrackers, ALL AT ONCE.
They then went on to play some ball-jumping thingy thing.
It was my house next. Everyone came quite late. Richard was first and followed by another Aunty, which she brought here dog with her, two dogs to be exact. Wasn’t sure what breed was those but they are cute and obedient, something Snoopy might lack, for now. Many of us are facinated or rather, shocked by Snoopy’s inability to differentiate other dogs from male or female. Maybe he’s still a puppy. Maybe he’s being kept indoors too much? I don’t know but I know Snoopy’s STRAIGHT.
I know how the black dog felt =X

The camwhorers are here!
The Twinnie sisters..
Night funtography..
Call us nothing-better-to-do-ers but we seriously have nothing else better to do.
So here we have a scenario where Marcus is trying so save someone else from being beaten up but was held by Wei Kang.
Hmm, fighting over a girl perhaps?
That’s the end of day 2!
Day 3 was my uncle’s gleaming new house, finished only a few days before Chinese New Year but well decorated. We explored the house and love it, their rooms are like two to three times the size of mine! Kenneth and Calvin would be damn happy. We spent our time there playing board games like upwords and card games like poker. Upwords was unbelievably fun. It’s scrabble with an added bonus, which is the ability to stack the words. Kenneth was the pro so he sort of guide us along. The words we made were short and easy, I mean, how the hell can you expect to create words like SOPHISTICATED or even PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS?
Marcus and the rest was complaining why I created so many perverted words like gay, thongs, pads and stuff. My only answer? I have seriously no I D E A!
Since we are so busy playing board games and watching movies, we didn’t take much photos.

Seems to me Joey’s like a bomb shelter! And Marcus hid too much his face was cut off!
That’s all folks! One of the best CNYs ever under one post and takes at least 11 hours to complete!
p.s: there are tons of pictures to post, you can request to post it up here if you want, or rather which picture to take down 😦
  1. AWWWW!!
    nice pic of me!!!
    ok is shall poct some really nice one of us.
    and what a joyous chinese new year we had even though you guys laugh at the way i walk like a grandmother.
    don’t worry i still love the crazy cousins!
    o and i wasn’t “BLOODY” paranoid.
    and the last pic. you look like you really want to bash up my sis and wei kang.

  2. This is so badly written by you the famous Blogger!
    Not talking about the ENGLISH but the selection of pictures. I got a hundred nice SLIM pictures of me with you and you use those whereby I look giant!

  3. And I think the one with Wei Kang looking like a GAY. WHERE!>?!!

    And the one which you say don’t know who talk one, IS BY ME! I think which is a terrrible SHOT by the famous ME!

  4. @joey you call that a figgin comment?! wtfs..jkjk, thanks for the comment.

    @sarah, must see who take one mah!! Yep, totally fun cny and I didn’t laugh @ you lor, just find jason’s angel thing ultra-hilarious! You gotta admit sarah, you look through my whole camera filesystem to delete ugly shots! admit it, sarah, ADMIT IT!

    I DO want to beat them up 😛

    @marcus, what the, selection of pictures is at its best already, unless you want a very MARCUS-ORIENTED cny blog post. Now sarah have only one picture of her on this post, while you have like thousands of them..Hmm, I’ll post one extra pic of you, PERHAPS the giant mouths?

    I won’t dare to post the one of wei kang lest he sues me, quite prohibited, and he’ll whack me hard if I did.

    Well, that was a nice shot, you caught the “perfect” moment! Good job!

  5. I mean don’t worry because HE DON’T READ your blog…


  6. LOL? I don’t worry about kenneth! He’s so damn kind!

    Anyway, updated! Added more pics, more “rounded-up”

  7. nice post!!!…haha..act cute gyver!!

  8. I think it isn’t much of a “rounded-up” post …

    You can do much much much better than this!

    And I think Sarah and WWY picture portray Sarah as an AH MA! Look at the cloth/handkerchief at her shoulder! OMG! JUST A CLASSIC AH MA’s NEEDS!

  9. And I would like you to remove … PICTURE 19TH!


  10. ASS MARCUS! please i don’t look like an AH MA OK!
    i used the hanky to cover my back ok!!
    so not AH MAH!
    better then you!
    hiding yourself where your head suddenly appear.
    and i wonder why gyver did not bash you up.
    and gyver obviously i’ve a reason for deleting those unglam pic of me. i might sue you one day if you post an unglam pic of me.

  11. gyver remove the pic of me and WWY. later “SOME FREAKS” keep on saying that i look and WALK liked an AH MA!
    and gyver please take a nicer pic of me and WWY 🙂

  12. Ha Ha!

    I mean LOOK AT our grandma! And why would one bask me out when I am helping to save space so that you can at least see the background …

    Anyway see you also agree lar! You wanted it to be removed… I mean there are other better pictures of you . Like totally many … BUT THE GREATER WRITTER is horrible to choose one that is so PRONE to subjective comments. The word is SUBJECTIVE! Oh and I never say you walk like Ah Ma! That is perception!!! TOTALLY what you are thinking and not what we are thinking.. Just a little shorter than normal. THAT’S ALL MAN!!!


  13. BASH*

  14. so many typo

    *Greatest or Great if you want also can…

  15. Omg!

    Tell me which pictures you want put up, too many unglams!

  16. haha…keep all…haha..all looks nice..haha…camwhores united!!..haha

  17. whatever marcus, stop saying me ah ma! yah! take away unglam picture’s 🙂

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