Hi Holiday.

In blog on February 1, 2008 at 12:47 am

P.A.C.C is over, Yahoo?

Maybe not. P.A.C.C was damn worrying. It’s like a dream come true. What came out was very cleverly twisted questions set to twist your brain. The end result? You’ll go home with twisted feelings : You’ll have no idea if any of your answers are correct, or not.

My holiday unofficially started quite badly. First, I was held back by a freaking big group of students talking about the P.A.C.C papers. The path was quite widely spaced but I have no idea why the hell these students have to walk side by side like say 4-5 person per row?

Yes, even those behind were walking slowly, made it look like I am the one holding up the traffic. Come on, people want to enjoy the “high” of the beginning of the holiday. These guys seriously ruined it.

On my bus ride home, it’s another “spoiler” ruining my mood. This reaffirmed and reinforced my hate for smokers (yep, I don’t mind if smokers hate me).

Alright, so this is what happened. Being aboard the bus for at least twenty minutes, the guy I was sitting with alighted I went into the inner seat. I got comfortable and soon, I was almost fast asleep. My eyes were almost shut and then suddenly I felt intense pressure on the seat. Tired, I didn’t bother. What bothers me is the huge stench coming out of that person, it was strong and suffocating. Immediately, I had to cover my nose with something. That lasted for the another hour of commute.

Seriously, the stench lasted for quite a while. I was suffering silently, wanting to leave the seat and run as far as possible. Out of a list of hundreds of thousands of actions available, only “Endurance” is realistic.

In the end, what did I get out of this experience? Added fatigue. And because of this, I need to end this post to get some rest.

See ya!


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