Lovely Singaporeans

In blog on January 25, 2008 at 9:01 pm

Feeling confused? Perhaps you’ve never ever and I mean EVER seen people describing Singaporeans as lovely before? If that’s the case, something have to be done, fast.

There’s a very obvious trend going on around in Singapore, especially in MRT stations, buses and car-parks. With the increasing usage of cellphones and especially the use of Youtube, online embarrassment cases is on the rise indeed. So it goes this way: One day, Little John was on the way to school and while waiting for the MRT train to arrive, he spotted someone acting weird like digging the nose or two guys flirting with each other. Without any process of thinking on what consequences would be, he immediately took out his pretty weak Nokia 6XXX cellphone and start filming the whole thing. To make matters worse, he uploaded it onto the internet and try to get as many views as possible. Is this brilliant or what?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right. They would name them “UGLY Singaporeans“, “Unreasonable Singaporeans” or even “USUAL Singaporeans“. Well, what I wanna say to these guys? You could pretty well migrate to Malaysia and don’t freaking look back, don’t even peep, freaks. No more MRT for you forever.

Here’s Why : A picture speaks a thousand words so that means a video speaks a million words. Watch this video

Disclaimer: This is not another “I LOVE SINGAPORE” post or something to project my patriotic character or whatsoever. I am leaving my patriotism out of this whole post. A “normal” Singaporean would find this very true as well.

Video Title: Ugly singaporeans taking mrt

Now, tell me what’s so “ugly” about it.

Stumped, right? Well, looks like the usual scene you’ll encounter in MRT stations to me. Orderly and there’s no pushing or whatsoever. Unless you’re blind you would agree with my previous sentence. So what’s with the video? BEATS ME. But what I know is that this fowen guy wants to make Singaporeans look ugly, I stress the word make.

Commuting is tiring, everyone knows that. So why make that extra effort to take out your hand phone from your tight pocket and hold it still for like say 5 minutes? You could as well take a rest just like everyone else is doing so. This way, everyone wins and no one loses anything. They won’t have to endure your pervertic behavior or your scary stares while you look like a cameraman trying to film a porn movie. What people do like digging their nose is seriously none of your business, it’s their hand not yours. Alright, just gossip about him/her and forget about it afterwards, you have your fun and they have theirs. Ain’t that beautiful? Once again, everyone wins.

Instead, why not film people giving seats to those who need the seats more than they do. Or maybe film something like the one fowen did, showcasing the orderliness of Singaporean commuters? Why make people look ugly when you can make them look good? If Singaporeans are ugly as you have stated, you’re flugly too.

Come on, grow up fellas. No one is telling you to give up Facebook or whatsoever.

  1. Not really that ugly but DO YOU NOTICE THAT THE COMING OUT PEOPLE HAVE TO FORM A LINE TO GET OUT? HAHAHAHHA … IS THAT HOW WE GET OUT FROM TRAINS? Like rats running out from their home?

  2. lol, what’s there to see? i don’t see anything! that guy is on nuts. =.=

  3. @marcus Lol, I believe what the guy wants to show is the pushing and banging stuff you see maybe in those third-world countries like Malaysia and China not just a little line formed. But there’s order!

    @sheena, indeed he is. Acting-smart syndrome is acting up for him perhaps..

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